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Have you already burned through your weekly content, and yet you are still craving more Hive Jive?  Or, maybe you're a visual learner, we get that. Podcasts are great and all, but sometimes it helps to be able to see exactly how something is done, step by step.  Either way, it's time to take a peak behind the comb and dive a little deeper into the hive... Welcome to the Hive Jive Bee Academy and access to everything that The Hive Jive has to offer!    

  • The Patreon-only podcast, Hive Jive Deeper Dive.  Join John as he takes you a bit deeper into some of the various beekeeping subjects discussed on The Hive Jive.
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About The Hive Jive

If you've been listening to the show for any time at all, you already know the answer to the question: What happens when you pair a Master Beekeeper with a Red Neck Fishing Guide? Our hosts, John Swan and Ken Milam, are here to help you brave the sting of beekeeping to reap the sweet rewards.  And, hopefully, we've provided you with a few good laughs along the way.

It's no secret that John has a passion for bees, and he loves being able to share that knowledge with the world.  It is his mission to try and brake through the confusion and contradictions that surround the art of modern day beekeeping, and be able to explain these concepts on a level that we can all understand.  And, of course, Ken is always there to keep everyone on their toes and add the levity that is sometimes needed in these conversations.  This unexpected pairing has created a unique feel to our show that allows us to help educate and guide others in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner... or as Ken puts it, "We are here to 'infotain' you."

We must have gotten something right along the way, as the show just keeps on growing.  What started off as just two episodes a month has grown into a weekly podcast, with additional bonus episodes tossed in at random intervals.  And yet, you keep asking for even more!  (And we LOVE it!)  We want to be able to continue to provide you with the high quality shows you've come to expect, as well as being able to meet your ever growing demand for new content, and a lot more!  So, if you love what you have heard from us in the past year, and want to help us continue to grow, please consider becoming a Patron of the show.  Just imagine what we could accomplish together...

  • How would you like guaranteed bonus episodes each week? 
  • What about a deeper dive into some of the technical aspects of each subject?
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  • Live Chats with your very own Master Beekeeper anyone? 
  • Training and educational videos?

Or... (brace yourself)... what if John magically showed up at your house someday, to help with your bees, with you, in person!?!?!  Or, there could be a weekend retreat with the gang to immerse yourself in all things bees.  Heck, we could even uproot this whole show and take it on the road to a city near you someday.  The sky really is the limit here, and its all up to you!

From all of us at The Hive Jive, we appreciate you joining us on our beekeeping adventures.  It is your enthusiasm and the continued support from listeners like you that keep this journey going for us all.  You are each a valued member of our every growing colony... our family, and for that, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Regardless if you choose to be a Patron with exclusive access, or are content with the standard episodes, this show was created for you.  It is here to help you navigate the ever changing world of beekeeping from your very first day, and into your beekeeping years to come.  The core podcast is free for anyone to listen to and enjoy while they learn the wonders of the honey bee and what its like to become a beekeeper. Please continue tell all your bee friends about us and help spread the word of The Hive Jive.
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