Henry Kissinger is Pokemon Going To Die are creating a Leftist Podcast

I Like the It

$1 /mo
Thank you for giving money to our bad podcast! This gets you access to whatever bonus content we produce. (Still figuring this out but rest assured There Will Be Content)

I Love the It

$5 /mo
This tier gets you a special role in our Discord and a shoutout in the podcast for being such a good comrade.

I Gotta Have the It

$10 /mo
You get an even MORE special Discord role that allows you to listen in on our podcast while we record it, and hear what an absolute dumpster fire it is every week before the editor fixes it! (We us...

George Soros

$15,000 /mo
This role is reserved for Mr. Soros while he gets his Patreon account set up. Please, nobody else take it from him. We would hate that.