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  • Get a monthly 30 minute guitar lesson with Phil by Skype. Phil can teach you what you want to learn. If it's your favorite songs, how to improvise and solo, play in alternate tunings, how to understand music theory, he can teach it. Teaching music is Phil's day job and he is highly sought after here in the San Francisco bay area. He will reserve only a few spots a month to teach Patrons from anywhere in the world through Skype.
  • Plus all previous rewards




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Hobbyhorse creates music with acoustic guitars, mandola, frame drum, voices and other instruments. We value making music with real instruments and lots of imagination with exciting arrangements of original, traditional and cover songs.  

In the past, Patrons of the Arts were Kings, Queens, Popes and Nobility. Bach composed under the Patronage of Duke Johann Ernst and Prince Leopold. Leonardo painted for the Medici and King Francis I of France. Medieval troubadours flourished under the patronage of Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and King William X. But in today’s world, thanks to the democratic and creative spirit of the internet, we can all be Patrons of the Arts!

Knowing that you believe in and support our music means the world to us!  Your patronage is an ongoing (not a one time) pledge. Your recurring pledge gives you the special status of a Hobbyhorse Patron and makes it possible for us to focus on creating the best, most authentic music that we can.  
Your pledge amount is charged when (and only when) we create new recordings or videos. You can cancel any time you want through this website. 

The website you are looking at now is our profile on Patreon.com. Patreon.com is a platform that all types of artists and creators are using to help fund their work. Take a look at this video that Patreon.com created to explain what it is all about.

How often do you make videos and recordings?
We aim to produce around one a month. When you pledge, it is per finished video or recording. If you are concerned that we might over-enthusiastically make too many videos or recordings a month, you can conveniently set a cap on your pledge with a monthly maximum and still have access to all of your rewards. You can change your pledge amount or cancel anytime.

How do I know that my pledge is being used as intended? The amount that you pledge is charged per completed song, so that means your pledge is processed only after we do the work and finish a video or recording.

Do I get charged for the artwork? No. All visual art by Annie is a free bonus. 

If you have any questions about how to become a Patron email Annie at [email protected]
$20 of $50 per music video or recording
When we reach our first goal of $50 per recording or video, we will celebrate by creating a cool original art sticker design. We will get them printed and mail them out to all of our Patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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