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About Hobgoblin3D

Welcome Traveller! To our first Patreon launch which includes a host of 3D printables, some from the past, some from the present, and few brand new additions to our range.

It's a whopping Patreon launch that includes a grand total of 30 pieces, plus the tower sections all for a monthly subscription of $25! Each Patron will receive the monthly release at the end of each month. The next release date is the 30th November 2019

Patrons that back $9 or more will instantly gain access to the Bag of Holding regardless of the next monthly release date

In our backlog bundle you'll find some items we've put together from our past collection. With many Patreons new to our designs, We thought we'd give those who haven't purchased before, access to a few items from our back catalogue which we'll change up each month. This month's backlog features a few items from our ever popular Graveyard pack.

This months miniatures is a ghastly pack of spooky minis, based around undead forms of constructs, all with a "saints and sinners" vibe. Check out the characters and stat sheets below:

The Maker 

Many have heard dreadful tales of The Maker, rumoured to wander the Misty Moors that lead on toward the Red Marshes. Some say that he is as eternal as time it's self, a construct formed of it's own volition. To what ends The Maker works, only the Maker knows, forming, stitching, splinting and reforming the once living into new life. His reformed marionettes wander the wastes as cursed and wretched forms of flesh made puppet. Where the adventurer may see many options, The Maker sees only one!

The Archetype

Created by the maker in an eon long past, spared by the grace of the divines and imbued with reverent powers of the highest might. Many have stood before the archetype, and many more have failed to withstand the visions of their true self made manifest, visions of their inner most recesses of the soul that the archetype bestows upon them. Seldom few see the boons and endowment of divine bliss that the Archetype can grant, this however does not prevent wayward wanderers from seeking out the treasures that the archetype holds secret.

The Penitent

A most pathetic and sorrowful creature, the penitent lies in limbo cursed by the maker, spared by the grace of the archetype, The Penitent wanders, weighted by the weight of it's own shame and sins, trudging until it's penance is paid, and the forms of flesh fall from the Makers bindings, only then by the grace of the Archetypes work can the Penitent cross the threshold into eternal rest. Many a weary traveller has had their hair turn white upon hearing the shrieks of roaming Penitents in the heavy mists of the moorlands.

Out beyond the reaches of Raghaven, and along the way to the Red Marshes of Fellglow Valley, lies Fellglow Tower. Once a keep of a noble Lord long since forgotten, it now stands crumbling to the mists of time. Few dare venture close to Fellglow tower, those that do are seldom heard of again.

Whisperings and tales of there being curse laid upon the land surrounding the tower long ago, by malevolent being. Of what form and for what reason would be hard to say, such is the way of time, and of lost lore. Perhaps someday the mystery of Fellglow Tower will be resolved, and the curse lifted... Perhaps! Until then the tower stands, and wanderers continue to perish.

Any Patron that backs $9 or more will gain access instant to the Bag of Holding which contains a select number of items that we'll continue to add to as we reach various goals. This means it's a bag of files that will continue to grow... infinitely!

To start we've added to the bag our entire Freemasons pack, our dungeon barrel, a small treasure chest and our Roman tent.

Currently the bag of holding's contents are worth $27.50 on our store.

Missed last months patron release? fear not fellow goblin. We upload all of our patron releases on our website one month after they've been released. You can simply browse our website below or use the search bar and type 'Patreon' to see all of our Patreon releases, Our loyalty bonus discount also applies to all Patreon products we've released

Click here to visit our official store

 What can be said of the Hobgoblins? A strange a quirky tribe for sure. How they formed is a matter of the most arcane, bound only to the task of conjuring items from the ether, teleporting them around the world, with the sole purpose of bring pleasure to those who seek it... or they could just be a bunch of nerds with 3D printers with imaginations bigger than their bellies, and occasionally meeting their delivery dates (well we do try), while we may not always be of a timely fashion, we are of a fashion non the less. Should you find yourself perusing our wares, and purchasing our crafted pieces then we thank you from the bottom of goblin hearts!... or should that be from the heart of our goblin bottoms?

And should you feel you can't get enough of our gobliny goodness then you can always sign up to our Newsletter, join us on Facebook, or find all the memes and witty banter on /r/PrintedMinis

A sincerest thank you to all Patrons old and new,

Tha Goblinz!

If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our about us section :) We hope to see you in the not to distant future and may the luck of the dice gods be with you!
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As you plunge your crude Goblin Slicer into the Monstrous four legged snorting beast, the dreaded Wild-boar you notice has a satchel strapped to it's side and the first rule of being goblins is finders keepers..'

'You add new items to your Bag Of Holding...'

The first quest is completed! We've added two new 3D Printables to the Bag of Holding reward

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts