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My name is Tom, otherwise known as "Hobo" in the comments of my YouTube channel "HOBOTECH". I travel full time around the states with my 10 year old Norwegian Forest Cat "Odin" in a 1995 Roadtrek conversion van RV called "MIR" that I extensively modified for off grid camping (aka boondocking). We prefer finding awesome free places to stay, and then reviewing and sharing those locations with our viewers. I also like to share my experiences with technology on the road and produce "how-to" videos.

Our content is a mixture of vlogging, how-to's, camp site reviews, product reviews, and technical mumbo jumbo designed to tickle your inner geek. We like to have a good time and not be too serious so you'll often see references to 80's and 90's nostalgia slipped in for fun.

The short answer is that I really love releasing videos on YouTube and helping others out. The back side to that is that it takes an enormous amount of time to do proper recording and editing of the content in order to make it presentable and easy to follow for the masses. If I'm putting 60-70 hours a week into running the HOBOTECH business, I can't make money elsewhere. As the adage goes, "time is money". 

I spend nearly all of my free time creating or editing content for the channel, responding to comments, updating the website, doing SEO, and juggling social media accounts in order to make it all happen. I'm not complaining because I love to work hard! I proved that in my first 50 van build videos. Those took hundreds of hours of work and they were released before I could even monetize. I made nothing off them.

Fast forward to 2019. I now have a growing subscriber base, and I've upped my game considerably in the quality of content provided for free on YouTube. I often receive comments to do more tech videos. While I would like to do more, the tech isn't free. I don't have sponsors of any kind and my channel is too small to be approached by the corporate world. Becoming a Patron will help "keep the tech in HOBOTECH" so to speak.

My choice is to either do outside work for income and put HOBOTECH on the back burner, or with the support of Patrons, continue to release better content. I want the channel to succeed and reach as many people as possible because I feel that I can add a lot to the community. It simply takes a long time for smaller channels to get off the ground and that's where Patreon can help..

I hope you consider joining our community. We're eternally grateful to each and every one of you that watch our videos, comment, subscribe, and find them entertaining. Heck. Sometimes you may even learn something!

Thank You!
Tom & Odin
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30 of 40 patrons
Gas is paid for! Reaching this goal would enable me to travel to more locations, review more camp sites, do more vlog style videos, and enable me to run the generator longer to edit MOAR videos for you!
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