How To Hockey is creating Hockey Training Videos

$1 /mo
Thanks, with your $1 I can buy an extra puck each month. Doesn't sound like much, but if enough people chip in that could easily fulfill my monthly puck quota ( I think about 50 per month should ke...

$3 /mo
    Thanks for the coffee! Your $3 contribution helps me enjoy the lifeblood of Canada. Heck for $3 I could get an Iced Capp from Timmies. I promise not to spend all your money on coffee. I...

$5 /mo
Thanks for the beer! Ok I'll be honest I don't drink much beer, but lets say you're $5 is a symbolic "Jeremy I'd love to buy you a beer" and lets just say you are each month. Heck, if you sign up f...

$49 /mo
  • Yup, you heard that right. For this reward I'm actually going to ship you a Jersey. Although you'll have to commit to at least two months because the jersey is PREMIUM!
  • a Hockey Mov...

$60 /mo
Hey Hey Stranger. Thanks to you I can rent the ice once per month to shoot more videos. You're probably thinking $60, that's CHEAP. Luckily there is a rink 45 minutes north of me that has dirt chea...

$100 /mo
Private training is hard to come by, if you toss in 100 bones per month I'll give you at least 1 hour of private training. Shoot me an email before you drop the dough so we can set it up.

$500 /mo
WOAH, this is a big contribution, and I want to make sure you're happy. You will get all the perks of previous rewards and you'll also be making a huge contribution to the hockey world. This reward...

$1,000 /mo
You love hockey, and by the grace of God and the sweat from your brow you've worked your way to the upper echelons of society. You see me, a guy with a passion, a dream to help others, and a genuin...