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Holes In the Foam (http://holesinthefoam.com ) is where our cerebral musings, snippets of amusement, and various debris of interest go to live out their days.

You may find them interesting and/or mildly entertaining as well, you never know.

Oh and there will be lots of recommended reading,viewing and surfing too. Upon which we hope to build lively discussions on with our new Discord server!

What started out as a rather simple one-man blog back in 2011, has somehow evolved into a dynamic global community of critical thinkers, heathens, and just plain smart people who want to see this fucking planet move forward.

Hey, don't ask me how that happened!

Our goal is to further develop Holes In The Foam so it can become an even more dynamic hub of ideas, debate and smart content.

With your support, we'll create more original content, videos, add more of our special brand of social commentary, and do whatever we can to take the global conversation to whole new levels.

And even more importantly, without the looming threat of censorship, blocking and banning by the social media mafia. Been there, done that. Ain't doin' it no more.

Your participation and interaction with our motley crew is why we're still here in any kind of tangible form. Let's take things to the next level, what do ya' say? :)

Thanks for your support, and happy-holing!
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With 500 patrons supporting this community, we will have the budget to enhance our social infrastructure so it will no longer be dependent on Facebook, Twitter or any other centralized/censorship-ridden social network. It will also give us the resources to produce original quality content, as well as launch our weekly podcast, without having to run any ads.
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