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Warm Welcome with a twinkle in my eyes... to Holistic Intimacy & Sexual Empowerment with Viktoria Group Coaching/Counselling/mentoring MEMBERSHIP (2x/month) for Singles & Couples

Why Join?
Good question.
By joining my monthly membership you embark upon an intimacy empowerment journey with like-minded people so you can create and experience deep, vibrant, and healthy intimacy at any stage of your life’s path.

You will experience guided sexual confidence in the bedroom and beyond coaching. Transforming past negative experiences, trauma, fear, guilt, and shame around intimacy into the playful loving life you desire, so you can authentically express yourself to live fully and love deeply⁣!

In additon to creating deeper intimacy, so you can find the right partner or deepen your current relationship. And most importantly so you can get to know yourself (into-me-see) on an intimate level, integrate your dark side, and connect to your authentic self.

You can choose to grow and deepen your level of intimacy with yourself and your partner, where applicable. So, you can become an empowered and confident kick ass lover in the bedroom and beyond.

What do I receive?
You will receive Holistic Intimacy Coaching Mentoring Magic in the form of...

1. TWO 75-minute LIVE group coaching calls per month with Viktoria (Always on the first and third Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:15pm EST).

2. Our call begins with Emotional/Tension Release Exercises that may include; yoga poses, body movement, breath work, and visualizations to balance your energetic, mental, physical, and emotional state to help you in creating deep intimacy and sexual vibrancy.

3. Exclusive Member Q&A: Bring Viktoria your challenges, concerns, and general questions for change, self-improvement, and growth.

4. Premium Coaching/Counselling Content: Viktoria will be coaching and counselling the group with in-depth knowledge, skills, wisdom, and practices including personal intimacy, relationship intimacy, love, sex, compassionate communication, sexual healing, Tantra, conscious kink, masculine/feminine dynamics, sexual polarity, the depth of intimacy and much more.

5. Personal Practice: After your live group coaching call you will receive a transformational assignment to create change and shifts in your life.

Not sure?

Let me put it to you this way. I believe in the work and the transformational power it contains, and you are welcome to cancel anytime.

So, you can live authentically and experience the power of creating deep connection. And choose to have the healthy, vibrant, and playful loving intimacy you desire. Along with...
  • Taking control and ownership of your sexual healing.
  • Help your partner through their sexual healing.
  • Become a kick-ass lover and partner.
  • Reignite the flames of passion in your partnership.
  • Confidently attract the right partner for you.
  • Take the exhausting guessing game out of your pleasure.
  • Know how to fulfill your and partners’ needs and desires.
  • Stop having disappointing intimacy & transactional sex.
Choose to change your life and sex life today!

Wondrous delights,

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About Viktoria Kalenteris

I felt the need to breathe deeply, to feel safe, with a burning desire to live life fully and authentically. I decided to begin my empowering healing journey.

During my epic odyssey of personal healing, it hit me, like a brick to the head. I realized my body, heart and mind must heal as a holistic system.

I learned how to feel connected and empowered with myself and my environment. I began to cultivate my authentic confidence. Remembering who I am and bringing forward my passion, curiosity, creativity, love of life, joy of laughter and playful loving intimacy.

My passion to become a holistic intimacy coach led me to take a closer look at the word “Intimacy” through my lens. Firstly, it means “into-me-see” by embracing all aspects of yourself. Secondly, connecting with loved ones. And most important, it's about awakening, healing and connecting with life, love and laughter.

Warm hello! My name is VIKTORIA, I am a Holistic Intimacy and Sexual Wellness Coach and Counsellor of 15+ years for singles and couples. Known as provocateur, and avant garde radical love agent. Dedicated to creating safe and nurturing environments to somatically release negative emotions, trauma, anxiety, and tension.

A transformational Counsellor, Life Coach, Reiki practitioner and Hatha, Laya and Trauma Sensitive Yoga instructor, Tantra teacher, Compassionate Communication specialist, and Trainer and Provider of Holistic Chi Kung massage, Bondassage, Elysium and Soma Love massage. Also a T.R.E. (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) provider.

Expertly supporting and empowering men, women and couples to love authentically, love deeply, laugh often, and get the vibrant healthy intimacy you desire through private coaching, group programs, masterclasses, and training.

Helping people reconnect with confidence, presence and passion with themselves first and then with their loved ones. All done through playful loving transfromational learning dynamics, self-empowerment practices, healthy boundary setting, compassionate communication, confidence building with practical guidelines for success and much more.

Are you struggling with intimacy?

  • Do you feel that you are struggling with intimacy in your relationship, or its been a pattern throughout your relationships?
  • Do you self sabotage, feel challenged and fall short in connecting confidently?
  • Do you feel frustrated and stressed out because you sense there is more to life than settling?
  • Do you experience triggers from past negative experiences that create blocks in having intimacy?

You are not alone.

I believe that you can have a healthy approach to life’s intimate moments with confidence. So you can have the vibrant and playful loving experiences and deep connection you desire.

Through transformational empowering education, guided personal growth of self-awareness and conscious connection. Through empowering relationshiop and intimacy knowledge, skills, wisdom and mastery. Offered in tailored private or group coaching programs, mastesrclasses and training. Expertly supporting you to be authentic so you can deeply CONNECT and own your sexual CONFIDENCE in the bedroom and beyond. It's your birth right to authentically live, love, & laugh passionately.

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