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Hello, I'm Jamey Ellis and I have dedicated my life to Holistic Veganism. This is my way of enacting total kindness, or ahimsa (the ancient Indian concept of respect and non-violence), and sharing it in hopes of inspiring others to do the same. I've been doing this since 2008 by publicly speaking to thousands of people in numerous countries around the globe. Whether to groups of several hundred or one on one, at universities, homes, or international gatherings, I engage with people through effective discourse and actions that inspire the kindness I'd like to see the world embrace. 

Wouldn't you agree that random acts of kindness don't need to be random? We all do good deeds every day, yet most of us wish we had the energy to do more. Mine is a lifestyle attempting to do just this! I'm sharing my experiences to contribute to a constructive, compassionate shift that will benefit all of us. 

Part of Holistic Veganism is seva, a Sanskrit word and idea meaning service towards others/self-less service. As part of my seva, hoping to contribute through my actions, I have not taken a salary since October 2008. I intend for my actions to be the result of the desire within myself to help, and not for personal profit. I receive what I need to live in society based on the kindness of others, or gift economy (this is the sharing of resources without expectation of direct compensation). Patreon allows individuals like myself to continue our work without selling ads or promoting someone's business. Instead, I can focus on volunteering in new places regularly, promoting their causes, and teaching the values and philosophies I live by to an ever growing audience. 

My commitment: I commit to continue volunteering with organizations that I believe in and sharing what we did and why. I will promote these types of actions and projects and will publicly speak at every opportunity I am given or can create. Additionally, any task at hand that makes the world a little cleaner, happier, or safer will be one that I pick up. 

Coming soon: The Youtube channel Holistic Veganism documenting my actions, talks, and videos on various related topics will be ready soon. Currently I am planning on three sections:
  1.  The volunteering I do and the organizations themselves. 
  2. The principles I aspire towards and promote. 
  3. The last will be called 'Five in Ten' and it will cover five two-minute topics that intersect and how to impact them with your actions.

Visit my website www.holisticveganism.com. It is a written and visual account of my actions and philosophies.

Also, this will become a more complete Patreon page with videos and other media.

Your monthly contributions encourage me! They tell me that you want this to continue and for these messages to spread. They grant me the ability to have health insurance, food, transportation, and the tools I may need to do my seva and create the content surrounding my work. Thank you for considering giving, every little bit allows me to do more and reach more. Every new patron will receive their choice of a handwritten thank you card or personal email. 

Lastly, I want you to join me. Holistic Veganism is a concept, there is no ownership. Live with open arms and the world will hug you back.

Thanks and love,


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This amount of monthly contributions would allow me to have all the basic securities in life that I need, i.e. insurance, contributing to food and housing, transportation, etc..
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