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As our thanks for you dolla donation we offer the following rewards:

You Rockstar You, it all starts here 

  • Each dollar is celebrated with your name on pink square of paper that is placed into a 5 gallon pyrex beaker. Like most of us, this beaker has a past life-unlike most of us, hers was in crystal meth lab! Now she's all cleaned up and is collecting the names of the all hearts that donate to this project, and that includes you.
  • Access to our private Patreon supporters only wall, we wanna get to know you and stay in touch
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One dolla is mighty powerful, $3 even more so, as a thank you from us:

Triple the Blessings, thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Receive all the rewards listed above, 
  • Early Release Kundalini Yoga Classes, yep, you get some classes before anyone else, well cuz you're that special
  • Exclusive behind the scenes, outtakes and bloopers from our filming, Cemaaj keeps all of these, it's good to laugh at ourselves right?
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WOW, you are really rocking the world for change now, and as our thank you:

Going to the next level, jumping with joy in your name, we love this reward, you will too

  • Receive all the rewards listed above
  • Get a thank you e-note from us when you sign up 
  • Join us for a LIVE Kundalini Yoga + Meditation Class every month-this via webinar so you see and hear who you are practicing with-a very cool reward if we don't say so ourselves, and we do! (And yes we record it in case you can't make it live)
  • Receive THREE additional Monthly Next Level Kundalini Yoga + Meditation classes, that's right, with your Live class this is FOUR classes a month.  These are for those ready to go to the NEXT LEVEL in their practice, more yoga, less chat, you receive one 5 minute Express, one 11 minute meditation, and one full-length Total Experience class released each month, many filmed in beautiful natural surroundings. Our Angels are loving these classes, you will too.
  • More gratitude than you can imagine :)
  • Anything cool I can think to share 




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Making global change with change...what can we do together?

Could your $1 bring change to the world? Is it really possible to create global change with "just" change (namely your $1 bills)? Is it really possible to create a world where what you need to take the next step on your journey is available and out there, for you, or anyone, with just a curiosity to know more, and an internet connection? All without paying a dime to access because it was funded by $1 donations made by and lots of other cool, caring people like you, a movement that is literally by the people for the people?

We think it's the coolest social experiment for global change. and we'd like YOU to be a part of it.

Finding the I'm possible in the Impossible by leveraging change for change

Sound Utopian or Impossible? Yes maybe, but why not have a little Utopia in the mix, and why not take the impossible and add a little space and punctuation mark for a different meaning, "impossible" becomes "I'm possible", and yes we are crazy enough to think we can do this. In fact we don't just think it, we know it in our bones, and we hope you will feel it too.

Will you join us in our crazy adventures to bring these tools of change to the world, by making a donation and becoming part of the coolest revolution for global change? In return, we will continue  to dedicate our time and resources to share the tools of change that have helped me, my clients and more than 1/4 m people on YouTube, out to the world, all supported by your $1 a month (or more) donations.

It's just so cool we can barely contain ourselves, will you bother to send your dolla? Because if you do, if you realize the power of your dolla to make this change we will be taking this global in your name, talk about cool! Leveraging change for change, what's not to love about that?

One dolla for global change? Are you quite mad? Why you can't even spell.

One dolla you say? Are we quite mad? Yes, you are correct on both counts. There is power to the dolla. As to whether we are quite mad, I think the answer is probably another resounding yes, absolutely bat shit crazy. Possibly certifiable. You might be as well, or maybe you just like hanging around those of us who are, either way, welcome to our world. If we weren't certifiably mad we wouldn't be here, we would be looking for jobs and "security" rather than following our hearts. stepping in trust and sharing our passion, and so here we are. As for the spelling, we are funky like that, you probably are too!

It takes an army to start a revolution, introducing Give 1, Tell 1

And yes, it a starts with a dolla, one from you, one from your coworkers, family and friends, and then their family and friends. This is how true change happens, on a global scale, not from the number of dollas given but the power of the number of hearts involved in the project. When we put those dollas with all the other ones, we really have leverage, and this is where massive change happens. 

It doesn't have to stop with giving a dolla, what if you told your friends, family and coworkers and they did the same? What if we all Give 1 and Tell 1, how far and wide can the dollas take change across the globe? With the power of Give 1, Tell 1, we are truly leveraging everything at our fingertips in the name of change, we're not kidding when we call it the coolest social experiment for global change! And we want you to be a part of it. And we want you to tell your friends about it.

The Power of One is underestimated, nothing begins without the first one

Though we often think it's not enough, there is so much power in ONE. In fact it is where all power begins. One minute, one person, one dolla! You see we cannot have 2 or more without the first ONE. It all starts with the one. Without one you cannot have more, period. But with one, you can have many more, ad infinitum in fact, and when you bring all those ones together, you create power mightier than one, this is leverage in action and this is is where true revolutions begin.

Together, how far can we go?

This all got me thinking about the true power of one. After all we are the ones who say, alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more. So I wondered what change could we make together? You and me? Well, you and me, and a lot of other people. How far could we go? What changes could we effect together? Could we really keep the YouTube channel humming with new, free, content and travel in person to lead global change work-ins the 135 countries that tune into our channel, all on the power of your dolla, leveraged with the power of many more?

Angels fund forward, the power of one doesn't stop here, funding Yoga for Seniors and those who otherwise wouldn't have access

We truly believe that everything comes from source and that we need to give back as we go along. We also know that power of seeding forward, just like the dollas for this project, they all add up and, when counted, they have so many hearts involved, how can they not bloom the brightest flowers?

We are dedicated to making these tools of change accessible to EVERYBODY, and most especially our Seniors who find themselves in Affordable Housing or on budgets,and to those who would not otherwise have access to Yoga and Meditation classes.

The list of recipients is endless, women's shelters, inner city after schools programs, single mums, youth, and as mentioned, Seniors.

This is not just you getting your feel better on, in doing so you pay it forward to those who can't, that's why we call it the Robin Hood Business Plan!  

When the dream life becomes a living nightmare...sharing the tools that transformed my life...

As you may know, we love sharing Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Buddhist teachings and the myriad tools of change that literally transformed my life, body and mind so much over the last 16 years. Before I found these tools I was seen as "super successful". I had arrived from the UK to the Bay Area  as a BigLaw Corporate Securitization attorney. I had "made it" in the eyes of society. While this might have looked like the case on the outside, the inside truth is, I was more sad and unhappy than I thought possible. My dream life had become a living nightmare. And my body showed me every day; at 215lbs and often in hospital, I knew something needed to shift. And finally I got the message that shift was me, I had to make it, but how?

Be the lighthouse, accessible to all

Once I knew I had to make change of a different kind and asked how, I was fortunate to find someone who helped me find what's inside. He introduced me to Kundalini Yoga, taught me about the first nibble about food to set me off on a (thus far) 16 year quest to better daily living and health. He sparked a fire in me I didn't even know was there/ Life for me would never be the same again.

Not everyone is as lucky as I was, and times have changed since I started out, we have Google and YouTube at our fingertips. I know that often when people need these tools they either lack money, time or access to the very tools that could transform how they feel in their skin. When we started our Youtube channel and saw the demographics of 40% men, with viewers in 135 countries, we knew we had found a way to make the teachings accessible. And now, together with you, we can actually make this happen. Through YouTube, and with your donation, our content will always be free and accessible when people need it most. This way these precious teachings can be the lighthouse that is accessible to all who come near the shores looking for guidance! How cool is that?

It's true what we need is inside, sometimes we need a way in

It's true what I needed was inside of me, but in order to find what was inside, I needed to find tools on the outside. And it took me nearly dying in my bed to get to even that point. I was truly stuck thinking there was no way out of my life. You, or someone you know, may be stuck like this, there are more of us than we let on. After 16 years on this path I know I am not alone in needing to do this. Why not be the lighthouse for others to find their way?

YouTube, 2.5 years, 3/4 million views, more than 150 it all started...

Our tool box blends Kundalini Yoga + Meditation, Buddhist teachings, along with every day practical wisdom, inspiration, food recipes and how tos. along with community support, to take care of body, mind and spirit.

As we said, we believe these tools of change should be available for everyone. So we started making them so by sharing videos on YouTube. And then the magik started to happen.

We all deserve to wake up and go to sleep present to life in our power

As we loaded videos, people started to watch, like, comment and come back. We made more videos. And more came. Over 3/4 million views to date in more than 150 countries! Currently 98 days of our videos are being watched every 28 days, this means at any one time around 3.4 people are tuned into the channel, every minute of every day!!!

This literally blows my mind and it is growing. It has doubled in the past year. There is a thirst for this work to be openly available, people are using it and feeling better because of the inner courage, strength and stamina it connects them to. We all deserve to wake up and go to sleep feeling like we were present to life in our power.

Every morning we are blessed to wake up to comments and thank you notes from all over the world sharing how much the channel means to our community. There are often tears before breakfast, happy tears of course. Now making videos is our favorite thing to do! It is quite compelling to be honest.

No studio to go to, class fees to pay, or spandex to squeeze into

Keeping our content on YouTube means it is accessible whenever someone needs it. No studio to go to, no class fees to pay, no embarrassing changing rooms, and definitely no spandex to squeeze yourself into if you don't want. This is creating life as you want it and you get to do it wherever you can watch a video-that's a lot of places these days. That includes your yoga practice and transformation, finding food freedom with recipes, tips, education and how tos, and off course the lifestyle piece, putting it all together. You can always come to class at the world wide studio, no reservations required.

Come be a part of the coolest social experiment for global change with $1 a month (or more)

Our idea is to carry on creating free content for our YouTube community. The more funding we get the more content we will develop and release. That's the dream, to dedicate ourselves fully to bringing these tools in the form of online classes, webinars, tele-courses and live workshops all over the world.

If you like the videos, get something out of them, or you simply want to be a part of a very cool social experiment for global change, please donate $1 a month (or more :)) to the cause. In return we promise to keep making our fab content in the form of live talks, videos, webinars, teleseminars and live work-ins.

This is beyond our work, it is our mission and we dedicate ourselves to bringing these powerful tools of change to the world, but we can't do it alone, that's where you come in. Be a part of our big vision for change.

BIG vision ahead...$1m for's gonna take all of us...

Our vision is BIG! We want to raise $1m in donations to take these tools to the more than 150 countries that currently tune into our YouTube channel. Can you imagine big, beautiful, natural venues, full of people ready to be a part of their own future so they can build a stronger community? All for $1? We can, And yes of course, should you be so inclined you can absolutely donate more, as we said, our vision is BIG and we will parlay it all into global change.

One for all, all for one, it all begins here, we rise by raising others...

We are so excited to launch this project, and we would love to do it with you because as I already said, alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more. How far can we go with the power of your dolla? We are about to find out, jump all aboard the train for change, let's pull out of the station and see what delights we have ahead of us on the journey to make change with change. Thank you so much for being here.

Alone we can do so much, together we can do so much more. I just can't say it enough, there is power when we get the ones together! This is where revolutions begin. And the beautiful thing that happens when we raise others is that we rise in the process. Imagine the waves of raising and rising we can create, all with the power of a dolla.

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, and may all beings be free to be. May we take the teachings across the world and spread seeds of change wherever we go. May the benefit of donations received be multiplied one million-fold, and may we all know peace.

Now go donate that dolla, or more if you have it, you know you want to.

Then go tell your friends, we need them too-we are in this together, and we really can't do it without ALL of you, every single dolla counts here, thank you (smile).

Sat Nam 

Shiv + Cemaaj
$115.73 of $1,000 per month
We are itching to get on the road to you, we have programs, videos, books and recipes popping out of us that are looking for space and time to come to life.  We want to see you, meet you and do yoga with you, in your back yard, your local park or your favorite place in nature.  We want to bring these ancient tools for modern living to a town near you, we can't do it alone, so let's dolla up one by one and make this happen.  I tell you this will be the coolest social experiment for change...and you don't have to watch from the sidelines, dolla up and be a part of the Holla fam.  
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