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Hi everyone! My name is Hollie and I make short films, predominantly for non-profit organisations, NGOs and charities to help tell their stories and showcase the amazing work they're doing.

A bit about me:

Ever since I was young I've had a fierce creative streak and a very strong empathetic instinct. I loved telling stories through art, acting out plays and learning more about new places and new people.

After working in various different jobs when younger, and a degree in drama (another passion of mine), I spent some time volunteering in Cambodia and Indonesia. My eyes were opened, not only to the harsh reality of life outside of my home country, but also the wonderful people and organisations that are fighting to make the world a better place. And what's more, I'd finally found an industry where caring too much is a good thing! In a nutshell: it made my heart swell.

Determined to help out in some way, I studied again, found my way into filmmaking and photography, and have never looked back. For the last four years I've been fortunate enough to travel to all over the world making short videos or shooting photography projects to tell the stories of some incredible non-profits that are changing people’s lives.

The problem: 

Understandably, non-profit organisations are often operating on extremely tight budget. Paradoxically, donors frown upon non-profits that spend money on marketing, despite it being that same marketing that brings in more donations and enables the organisation to help more people. As a result, I am often asked to work for free or at discounted rates. This is very hard to say no to, but saying yes is becoming increasingly difficult because sadly, like everyone, I have to pay my bills.

The ask:

So, what I'm thinking is this - if I can get enough of a production budget per video or photography project from kind patrons, I will eventually be able to offer my services free of charge to amazing non-profits that can't afford to pay (or at a discount for those that can only pay a little). Your money will make this possible, in turn helping good organisations to raise much larger amounts of funding, multiplying the impact of your money several times over. A good video or photo can make a huge difference in terms of fundraising, and is also a reward to the hardworking staff and beneficiaries of the organisation. 

My ethical principles:

I wanted to include this because I think it's important for patrons to know. Neither the non-profit nor filmmaking industries are perfect, so for me it's important to have this set of principles that I adhere to:

  • I never edit my films in a way that misrepresents people or the reality of a situation, although where I can find positivity, I will always do my best to bring it out. In my experience, there is always something positive happening in any situation.
  • I treat everyone I meet with respect. Sometimes I interview people who have been through very tough experiences. I have seen filmmakers who will plough on with a set of interview questions to get the best soundbites, regardless of the feelings of the interview subject. I would never do this - I treat them as I would wish to be treated myself. 
  • I put my full heart into every project I do, big or small. My loyalty and motivation lie with the people that the non-profit is seeking to help.

Thank you for reading and a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to anyone that is able to be my Patron! If not, I completely understand and hope you will continue to watch, share, and enjoy my work anyway.

All the best,


*Note: I will aim to do one or two projects a month, but will keep you updated on this! Remember that if you want to cap your pledge so you are not donating more than desired, this is possible. Cheers!

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