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About Hollow Public Radio

“Between our multitude of worlds, the infinity of times, exists a breach:
both a tight crack, and a vast hungry chasm.
Where the loose change falls through the couch cushions of the polyverse”

Hollow Public Radio is your source for public radio from every possible reality. Curiosities & horrors through an infinite, ever-changing polyverse.

We’re Hollow Public Radio, a scripted sci-fi/comedy anthology audio series! It's best described by our listeners as “if NPR had a sense of humor and was on a frequency only Doctor Who could get”, “a lost Monty Python sketch”, and “consistently original engaging stories with high production value.”

Hollow Public Radio offers a range of stories, from the absurdity of a Beer King demigod or a reanimated zombie film director, to more earnest topics like aging, technology, and friendship.

This is a passion project that we absolutely love making, but it takes a TON of time and resources. With your help, we'd love to get a new season done and ready for your ears. Thank you so much for even reading this!

Season 1 is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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