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As well as knowing you're helping kitties in need, I will rub Moose's fluffy, curly belly while he purrs and dribbles, and tell him that it's from you. 

I only have one tier for simplicity, so if you'd like to donate more than this, there's an option to increase it when you go through checkout. 

Thank you so much for supporting my dream: giving the least-wanted cats the time of their fluffy little lives.
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About Holly's Home For Manky Moggies

Hello, I'm Holly. You might know me as a technology journalist, a prolific tweeter, or that annoying person always campaigning about something -- or you might not know me at all. Hi, nice to meet you.

For as long as I can remember, my two life dreams have been to write professionally and to help needy cats. I've been doing the first one for a while now, and it's finally brought me enough stability that I can start working harder on the second.

I have two cats already, Mawri who was bred by a horrible kitten mill and Moose who was left behind when his family moved abroad. Last year, I was lucky enough to adopt a 15-year-old cantankerous British Shorthair called Maud, who was sadly diagnosed with cancer. I crowdfunded her treatment and although she only lived another ten months, I was able to give her an amazing last year full of love and treats. (That's her in the cover photo).

Recently, my housemate moved out and his replacement changed his mind at the last second. I'm taking this as a sign from the universe to start my little shelter. My landlady is amazing and fully on board, and although it's going to cost me a fair bit more to do this in London than somewhere with cheaper rent prices, more cats get thrown out in London than anywhere else due to the extra-terrible rental market here. Oh, and even more are losing their homes thanks to coronavirus this year.

I fully believe there's no better time or place to put my dreams into action, and I hope you'll help me along the way. In return, you'll get bundles of updates about the cats, including photos, videos and heartwarming stories, plus the knowledge that you're helping to provide a loving lap for some of the neediest kitties in the country. Thank you.
$1,300 - reached! per month
This is how much the rent and bills cost for the other bedroom in my flat, now officially the cats' home. If I reach this amount, I don't have to pay double rent anymore, which will make it much easier to cover the cats' vet visits, food and suchlike. 
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