Holly Erinn is creating Illustrations, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, sketches


$1 /mo
Be on the mailing list for updates on festivals, new prints and new adventures. 


$3 /mo
Want to weigh in on my work? Your comments on my posts may be picked as the subject or inspiration of my next piece of content, plus all previous rewards.


$5 /mo
Folks in this tier will recieve all previous rewards and a small original sketch or random goodie each month! 


$10 /mo
Once a  month, we'll have a patron-only live stream just for us, plus all previous rewards. You guys can ask questions, give comments, and watch me sketch! Folks in this tier will also be invited t...


$20 /mo
Send me anything (you'll cover shipping costs) and I'll paint on it and sign it, plus all previous rewards.


$100 /mo
Every month, I'll send you a unique autographed drawing (not a print, an original 9x12), plus all previous rewards.