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For any contribution, $1 or more, you gain access to all the rewards we have to offer BOOS! We just appreciate any level of support you can give. For this support, you are considered a Hollyweird Patron and gain access to:

  • Live Investigations & Interviews - take a deeper dive into the dark places we investigate and meet the professionals in the paranormal field.  

  • SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB- special access to our new collection of sidewalk ghost stories posted 2 Saturdays a month!

  • Deleted Audio Segments - not every interview or recording makes the final cut for each episode. Becoming a Hollyweird Patron will give you access to never-before-heard audio that couldn't fit into the episodes!

  • Ask Us Anything- once a month, ya gurls will host a live Q&A session exclusively for our Hollyweird Patrons for our "Ask Us Anything Questions".

  • SHOUTS OUTS ON THE SHOW-  you'll get a shoutout on our episodes.

  • Select a topic for our next episode!  Help us select the next topic of our next episode and help research :D

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About Hollyweird Paranormal

A Hollywood True Crime and Paranormal Podcast hosted by Tammie Merheb-Chavez and Brice Mitchell Williams. We discuss true crime and its paranormal association set in and around Hollywood, CA.AKA Hollyweird.

How Does This Work?

HEY BOOS!! if you want to tune into more spooky Hollyweirdness with Tammie & Brice, simply pledge $1 (or more) per month. Not only will this support us and our ice coffee addiction BUT you will also allow us to keep this Hollyweird podcast going, there are bonuses! You'll receive exclusive rewards, including PRIVATE ACCESS TO OUR Q & A ON FACEBOOK LIVE! OUR ASK US ANYTHING! We have a feeling that our Q & A will be very interesting LOL!

What is Patreon?
Patreon allows people who jadore Hollyweird Paranormal Podcast to support it and the work we are doing by making a monthly pledge. You can pledge as little or as much as you like (imagine 500 weirdos pledging $1 each...it adds up and can really help us stay afloat so we can keep creating content for you to enjoy...while we fuel ourselves with Starbies)!
You are charged when you pledge and then once at the beginning of each month. And don't worry, you're not locked in! You can change your pledge amount or cancel your pledge at any time.

How will the funds be used?
  • Monthly & Annual Fees - Hollyweird Paranormal has to have several hosting sites and programs that charge monthly or annual fees. Some of these include: 
  • Audio Hosting Platform - this is where the episodes are downloaded and made live for all to enjoy for free! 

  • Website fees - hosting site, domain name, storage, etc.

  • Audio Editing Software subscriptions & Equipment - new mics, mixers, and even ghost investigation tools for our field investigations & interviews with local members of the paranormal community.

  • Marketing Materials -for the show to be successful, we have to keep our audience growing. To do this we have to constantly promote the show with: 
Pins Business
Cards Stickers & More

Coffee & Transportation -
Your monthly contributions help keep us caffeinated and fed so we can record and edit episodes! And, Brice's trips to Tammie's apartment to record Hollyweird episodes since he doesn't own a car. Gas for our field interviews and investigations with members of the paranormal community.

THANK YOU!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to check out our Patreon page! If you can make a monthly pledge of $1 or more!  Just know that you're so awesome & amazing. WE CELINE DION LURVE YOU!  Thank you for making Hollyweird Paranormal extra AF!!!!
$199.36 of $500 per month
When we reach $500 per month, we will start producing a video series of investigations and interviews with members of the paranormal field!
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