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❥ you help out all the companions by making it easier for me to run and maintain the site. You da real MVP

❥ get listed in the patreon section of the website

❥ access to patreon-only discord room (not gonna lie, not much action in there lol)


❥ you can have up to 30 schedules

(limit not implemented yet)

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❥ even more alive and even bigger!! (gotta throw some money at those big ad companies)

❥ a little visual patron-only feature that's on the roadmap (don't get this tier if you don't wanna buy a cat in the sack, it's not gonna be anything lifechanging)

❥ much cooler looking helm


❥ you can have up to 50 schedules (if the limit ever gets implemented)

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❥ As long as even one person has this tier, the website isn't going to disappear, ever. Not saying i'm planning to make it disappear otherwise, but this display of gratitude seals the deal.

❥ I am going to introduce an ad box on the website. With *your* message / link in it

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About Holonaut

Please do not pledge to me right now. Billing is paused for existing patrons and I'm not producing anything that would justify a monthly subscription. Thanks!

Current projects

companions.love is a social platform that focuses on connecting strangers as quickly as possible, be it for online or offline activities. For example gaming, having calls, meeting for special or mundane occasions. The app will try and prevent you from texting too much. There will be no friends list, or anything else that would promote online profile building, instead the focus is on real interaction and getting you offline as soon as possible.

downrun.love is a todo-app where you can create repeatable tasks and keep track of your performance over various for timespans, for each task but also in general. Currently usage is completely free and there is no pledge integration. Of course you could still show your support with a pledge.


In the past I have tried to develop a procedural browser RPGs several times, the most recent attempt being discover.holonaut.eu. I am still proud of this project, but it didn't get finished for multiple reason. Most importantly, while I love games and game development, the process of designing something without a clear purpose other than fun costs me an incredible amount of energy

Real Life

Apart from the things listed above, gaming, and my Youtube channel, there isn't too much going on in my life. I have 2 or 3 friends that I can count on, I'm working as a PHP developer and I am cutting down to part-time this year so I can focus more on my personal projects and perhaps going on some adventures on long weekends.
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I can run some ads to get more people onto my pages.
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