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  • You gain the satisfaction of knowing that you've contributed towards making the world a little bit more rational.

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About Holy Koolaid

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a site that allows you, the viewer, to support your favorite content creators, like me, as a way of saying, "thank you," and incentivizing us to keep going and to make better content (it's like the internet's tip jar). Think of it like paying for a Netflix subscription to watch your favorite shows, except you're choosing exactly who you want to support, and how much to give. Plus, you get some pretty sweet rewards in return, based on your pledge level. Finally, by being a crowd-funded show, I'm free to talk about anything, free of media censorship (eg. if YouTube demonetizes all my videos). I'm responsible only to you: my fans/supporters.

Why Patreon?
I've been very fortunate to be able to make videos full time for you, sharing what I learn about science, religion, and philosophy, and taking a stand against religious extremism. And while I would gladly do this for free, sadly, I can't afford to. Equipment costs, software, subscriptions to royalty-free footage sites and animation suites, travel to/housing at conferences, advertising, and website hosting are just a few of the many costs it takes to keep Holy Koolaid afloat and help it grow.

Unfortunately, voices of reason are easily drowned out online by billion-dollar religious institutions, cult leaders, and peddlers of pseudoscience. By making a per-video pledge, you're helping support the little guy and giving us all a voice. As long as I have your support, I'll continue making regular videos fighting to promote science, free thought, and critical thinking.

Why should you donate?
  • You can't stand pseudoscience and the harm it does, and like the way I counter it.
  • You're tired of religious fundamentalism and want to push back against extremism.
  • My videos have helped you.
  • You believe in my message.
  • You want to help me spread a message of love, curiosity, and humanism.
  • You find my videos fun, entertaining, and/or educational.
  • You'll get some pretty sweet perks!
  • Not everyone can be an activist, but everyone can support one.
  • You appreciate what I've been doing for the secular movement and want to see an even greater push in the coming year.

Where does your money go?
The money you donate goes towards Holy Koolaid's day-to-day business expenses. I use the funds raised here on:
  • My animation suite subscription (Vyond)
  • My Adobe Creative Cloud Membership (editing software suite)
  • A royalty-free video footage site subscription
  • Hosting the Holy Koolaid website (which contains a number of useful resources for atheists)
  • Traveling to/lodging at secular conferences (where I get to meet you in person)
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Advertising (once we reach that goal amount)
  • Marketing Tools
  • An e-mail newsletter tool for sending e-mail to a large subscriber base
  • Postal Mail Address (so I can have an official business address)
  • Business Cards
  • My co-working space membership (where I go to edit videos free from distractions)
  • Miscellaneous Business Expenses
  • Domain Name Rental for www.holykoolaid.com
  • Taxes
  • Renting a Studio Space (once we reach that goal amount)
  • Hiring editors, research assistants, a marketing team, and other staff (once we reach that goal amount).
Lastly, it covers my salary and healthcare and keeps me caffeinated so I can do this full time.

How much should you pledge?
Every little bit helps, a lot of people pledge $5/video, but even just $1/video goes a long way (that's like the cost of a fancy corn dog every month). I release about 4 videos each month, but you can also put a cap on the maximum number of videos you want to support each month, as you're setting up your pledge. If you want to contribute more, I have different perks depending on how much you pledge.

Thank you!
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your generous support. Let's make the world a freer more rational place!

Thomas Westbrook
$2,392.76 of $3,500 per video
Rent a Studio - A dedicated building to film and edit in as well as a place where I can do professional interviews and also offer educational workshops to new activists on YouTube, podcasting, and blogging.
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