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About The Holyscapes Project

Welcome to the Holyscapes Project! 

Holy scape / hōlē skāp / noun: neologism coined to express the convergence between interior and exterior place- and landscapes.

In a time of environmental catastrophe, spiritual despair, political farce, and racial injustice, the convergence between interior and exterior, body and mind/soul, self and other become a powerful point of analysis. We have lost much of our sense of holiness of the world, and of the life we share this planet with. How might a deeper sense of the world’s holiness contribute to healing hearts, societies and ecosystems? The Holyscapes Project is an attempt to explore this terrain. 

I have always been fascinated by places set apart: churches, temples, synagogues, cathedrals, historic sites, national parks, rivers, oceans, and particularly, forests. Place and space have a profound impact on how we feel, what we believe, and even our ethics. Against any kind of dualism between spirit and matter, I have always felt that the interior is intimately connected to the exterior, like a kind of oscillating spectrum. Jesuit poet Gerard Manley Hopkins coined the term 'Inscape', similar to my own 'Holyscape', as a description for the Holy fingerprint that each creature brings into the world, its uniqueness or as Franciscan scholastic theologian John Duns Scotus called it, Haecceity (Hek-see-a-dee), or Thisness.

Yet, Holyscapes captures something more than just the miraculous this-ness of each creature, but also its inextricability from the world. Holiness captures what I sense when I walk with a forest, when I pray, when I go to Mass. Holyscapes are the places that nourish our Inscape. But Holyscapes are not just wilderness parks. They are also the places where we grew up, where we make a living, grow food, eat food, spend time with family and friends, where we worship, where we sit to read a good book, where memories accumulate like puddles.

The Holyscapes Project seeks to think about, explore, teach and advocate the many ways in which human beings can deepen our connection to the Holy through place. By paying attention to the places we spend time, by exploring new places, by making more time for prayer, contemplation and art, and by seeking to defend the places under threat, we are engaging in reclaiming the world and all its holiness, in hope for a livable future. 

Holyscapes are the wild and tangled inner landscapes where we fight demons and strive toward the divine. Holyscapes are our very own spiritual ecologies whether urban, suburban, rural or wild.

Holyscaping Workshops 
In addition to humbly asking for your generous support for my photography and blogging efforts, I am excited to announce that I will also be preparing a series of what I am calling 'Holyscaping Workshops'. These Interactive Online Workshops will be both academically rigorous and participatory.

The Workshops 
  • Holyscapes: Mapping Your Personal Spiritual Ecology (June 2019) 
  • Sacred Groves: Developing a Spirituality of Trees and Forests (June 2020) 
  • Desert Spirituality for the Rainforest 
  • The Spirituality of the Dark Night of the Soul 
  • Pilgrimage as Spiritual Practice 
  • Photography as Contemplative Practice 
  • Developing Authentic Christian Body-prayer Practices (Collaborative) 
I hope you will support my work, or take one of my workshops! I look forward to getting to know you!

Thank you, 

Jason M. Brown, PhD 
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