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About Holy Women Icons Project

Thanks to the fabulous generosity of our patrons, the Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower marginalized women by telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.
The Holy Women Icons Project (HWIP) creates art that gives traditional iconography a folk-feminist twist; writing focuses on the intersections among the arts, religion/spirituality, and gender/sexuality; and special events include retreats, workshops, lectures, sermons, conferences, worship series, and rituals. Beginning with paintings, HWIP first expanded our engagement by writing for organizations that empower women and LGBTQs, then by offering retreats and special events, and now we're creating a retreat center on Hawai'i Island to engage others in our project more fully!

At Patreon, amazing supporters commit to giving a monthly amount--it could be $1, $1,000, or anywhere in between--to the Holy Women Icons Project. This money helps create artwork, publications, retreats, and even building a retreat center on Hawai'i Island so that awesome people (like you) can come on retreat for creativity, sustainability, and empowerment! What do you get in return? Amazing offers, discounts on artwork and retreats, special privileges, creative input, and our never-ending gratitude. 

Don't want to commit to monthly giving? No problem! You can also give a one-time donation (or any time donation) by clicking here:

Did we mention that the Holy Women Icons Project is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, which means your financial support is tax deductible! In other words, it's a win, win, win. HWIP receives the financial support we need. You receive a tax write off. And marginalized women are empowered and inspired! Win. Win. Win.

If that's enough info for you, feel free to give, peruse, or move on. But if you need more details, keep reading...

Funding The Holy Women Icons Project supports four areas--art, writing, special events, and a retreat center--but the current major cost is creating the retreat center, so let's start there!

Retreat Center:
All of our special events occur at churches, non-profits, seminaries, women's and LGBTQ centers, but now we're creating a retreat center to house these empowering events. On Hawai'i Island, we partnered with Tiny House Nation to build our own little home. Now we're in the process of creating the retreat center, complete with 5 'ohana homes for lodging, a gallery/studio for yoga and meetings, and an organic orchard and garden.The center is sustainable, entirely off-grid, and four blocks from where the Pacific crashes into craggy cliffs formed by lava rocks. Your financial support literally builds the buildings, buys the supplies, and paves the way for the retreat center to be fully functional!

When Angela noticed a lack of women represented in traditional iconography, she used her canvas as a corrective mechanism, her paintbrush as protest. Since 2009, she has painted nearly 80 Holy Women Icon paintings and considers this a life-long project. Women from myth, history, and literature from a variety of wisdom traditions, cultures, and backgrounds are researched and painted, offering creative inspiration and empowerment to all they encounter. Your financial support helps with art supplies and the time it takes to research and create!

Angela has authored seven books and a bunch of articles that intersect with the Holy Women Icons Project. The award-winning Holy Women Icons includes nearly 50 full-color images of icons with an essay about the woman portrayed accompanying each image. Holy Women Icons Contemplative Coloring Book invites you in to the creative process with inspiring coloring pages. She also writes an article for Feminism and Religion and Believe Out Loud where she features one Holy Woman Icon each month. Your financial support helps with this continued writing, while also providing funding for new projects. On the queue are writing a Holy Women Icons Devotional Journal, children's, teen's, and adult's curriculum, a children's book, and travel book!

Special Events:
The art and writing of the Holy Women Icons Project are enlivened by special events, such as retreats, workshops, lectures, sermons, rituals, and sermon series. For example, at a Feminist Spirituality Retreat, participants from all gender identities are empowered to see their own holiness. At *Queer Spirituality Retreats, retreatants find inspiration and empowerment by learning the stories of queer holy women. In worship and sermon series, people are invited to explore the ways these holy women teach us to create, sustain, and empower. Your financial support helps in the planning and creation of these events, in addition to providing scholarship opportunities for those without the means to pay full price.

Still want more info? Check out www.holywomenicons.com

*Queer is intentionally used by many within the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, ally, and more) community as an umbrella term that includes both sexual orientation and gender identity. If you've experienced this term as derogatory in the past, we certainly understand (we have, too!), and part of the work of HWIP is to bring about awareness and social change for queer people through art, writing, and special events.
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