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Hi! I'm Juli Jump Rope, editor-in-chief of the Homebody Herald-- a monthly print-only newsletter featuring the "latest" "content" from yours truly! I started the Homebody Herald in December 2017 because social media is awful, but receiving things in the mail is great. The Homebody Herald is a one-page cut n' paste newsletter created by me, with updates about my totally normal life. Sometimes I write about the neighborhood cat, or interesting licenses plates I've seen. I also like to share recipes, highlight a Mug of the Month, and tell you what I've been up to the past month (not much!) I just planted my container garden, so I expect that to be a big topic this summer (hint: last year's garden was a total flop!) If this kind of slow-motion communication appeals to you, you might enjoy this newsletter.

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My mom likes to do stuff like this, so maybe you will too. You will get the Homebody Herald in the mail once a month, and I will put extra care into selecting your stamp and envelope! Probably a sticker, too! <3 This extra money will help with the cost of supplies, including envelopes and labels. 
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