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About Homebrew Deviants

We're the Homebrew Deviants! We are a collaborative group of ten artists, musicians, writers, and programmers whose collective goal is to to blend storytelling and gameplay to create something new, exciting, and genuine– something that people can say that they were happy to have experienced. 

The majority of our projects take place in the world of Morbit-- a fictional planet filled with living gods, horrifying beasts, and strange talking animal people.

You can learn more about our projects at the [ Homebrew Deviants Tumblr ]!

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Many of the members of our team are either contributing their time and effort to our projects for free, are unable to pursue traditional employment due to illness and disability, or both.

Patreon support would allow us to help support the livelihoods of our team members, as well as enable us to cover some of the costs of producing and maintaining our content on the web (hosting, software, hardware, etc)!

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All of us on the Homebrew Deviants team are extremely grateful and humbled by the outstanding support we've received from our fans. Having people engaging with and enjoying this strange world we've created together has been some of the best experiences we've ever had, and we can't thank all of you enough.

Thank you, again, for checking out our page!

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