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Hey visitor, and welcome to the homegrow pros patreon!

"An expert is a man, who did every possible mistake." - Niels Bohr

Well this sums up my journey so far, so here I am. Why do i consider myself an expert? I'm not actually. This field is far to big, to be knowledgeable in every possible fashion after 4 years, but i accomplished enough to have people write me and follow me on this adventure to see where I'm going.

Whats your value in supporting me? I am a cannabis growing instructor. With my background in education and my plant knowledge i have the perfect combination to be a coach in this field. There is plenty of information out there, in books or in Youtube-videos. But people tend to mix things up a lot and this field is full of traps or broscience what i like to call it. I'm also here to help you directly in setting up a growroom, help you grow your plants and coach you to become a successful grower yourself. I also do some giveaways, only for my patrons, since Instagram doesn't like this very much. So if you need advice to build a state-of-the-art indoor garden, i show you the way. 

Why do you need support? I acclaimed 30k followers in 1 year of Instagram. This is a lot in this niche there and I'm not done yet! My channel is growing (haha) at a rate of about 1500 - 2200 followers a week, loads of people want to have advice, or just a second professional look on their beloved plants. I already do that, but my patrons will be prioritized: I will do detailed work to have your plants thrive and to clear every myth about growing.

Is there anything else? Im a nerd. In a technical way. So if you support me, you get access to guides im currently writing. I have access to a variety of builds:
  • Having a sophisticated timelapse rig in your room to watch the ladies grow
  • Be able to measure humidity, temps, soilmoisture, pH-value etc. with sensor builds i can teach you
  • Distinguish myths and knowledge about growing weed (Im looking at you stemsplitters and iceflushers out there...)
Why are you better than X ? I know what I'm doing. And I know what the limits are in this field. I also have on hands experience. You won't hear any "maybe"s or "I've heard"s from me. If I don't know something, I will tell you that. I also did fuck up several times in my journey and now at a point where I got something like a routine doing this.

So if you looking to grow excellent weed in a soil based organic way, like i do, then I'm happy to see you as my patron!

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When I reach 30 Patrons I will release my free online growing course on youtube. Learn how to #growyourown from scratch. Never fail, never have to restart with my method. Learn how to get the right items for a reasonable amount of money to start your own homegrow operation. Learn how to start a grow, how to give your plants the things they need in order to have an amazing harvest in the end! Patrons will be able to watch every episode a week earlier than everyone else. Lets make this world a greener place. Become a homegrow pro yourself!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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