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Thank you for supporting Home Routes!
We are working hard to get our house concert routes up and running again. Your monthly gift really supports all the work we are doing! 

We've set up this patreon as a way for our community to support us on a ongoing bases simply beacuse they believe the work we are doing supporting artists and the audiences who loves them is important.

What does the future look like for Home Routes?
A message from our Executive Director Leonard Podolak,

“The underlying role of any performer is to bring the audience into their world, and break down the fourth wall, and truly create magic, where the reality of the outside world goes away. Home Routes transcends many realities of music business norms.

In the last two years, with so many tours being cancelled, a major shift has occurred. We have presented a diverse array of folk music online: The Home Routes Online Folk Festival, our series of Zoom shows, as well as special projects as Play It Forward, Prairie Panorama, and The Winnipeg Crankie Festival.

I’m so excited for our traditional house concert tours, to be enhanced by our new digital awareness, and to see the two programs work side by side in concert, supporting each other. These endeavors will enable the organization to connect more community stakeholders in our tours, and allow more local participation in public spaces.”

Prairie Panorama connected visual artists and musicians for unique collaborations. The Crankie Festival puts those collaborations (and a whole lot more) on stages across Winnipeg each fall. And streaming concerts appear here to stay, presenting new opportunities for Home Routes to reach communities and music lovers in every nook and cranny of this big, beautiful country for years to come.
We are so excited to be gearing up for an exciting season of concerts starting in September 2022!
If you are interested in joining our national network of community volunteers and host world class concerts with musicians from across Canada and around the world in your home, or community hall please click the link below and fill out this short survey.
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When we reach 100 patrons, we will dedicate an online show specifically to our Patreon supporters and thank them each by name.
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