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About Homestuck

Paradox space has fallen, consumed by a black hole large enough to contain a multiverse. No longer must our heroes toil in the service of the "alpha timeline." The Prince and his Seers seek to preserve the Canon-That-Was at great personal and narrative cost. But inside the black hole, those who the paradox once discarded seek to claw back to relevance and escape to the Fanontinuum, a new fabric of story and space woven by the hands of new narrators, thousands of voices that fill the vacuum left by the death of the author.

This is not Homestuck. But it is not not Homestuck. This is...


Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon is an official continuation of the cult-classic webcomic Homestuck and a follow-up to The Homestuck Epilogues, dropped as a major event in April of this year. Homestuck 2: Beyond Canon takes a combination of Andrew Hussie's original writing and plot outlines and concepts and joins him with a team of new, diverse voices to expand the compelling narratives of Homestuck's most (and least) beloved characters.

This story was originally created by Andrew Hussie and will be told by him and a new team. This Patreon supports What Pumpkin and all authors and artists on this project. Additional funding beyond what's required to create the project will support new projects from What Pumpkin, and a portion of the proceeds will be directly shared with the creative contributors to this comic. The writing team, initially led by Kate Mitchell (former staff at popular sci-fi horror archive The SCP Foundation), consists of epilogues contributors and Hiveswap Friendsim writers Aysha U. Farah and Lalo Hunt and noted fandom talents Pip D. and optimisticDuelist. Xamag, contributor of visuals to some of Homestuck's most iconic moments, will lead the art team.
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