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Get your name listed on our HomeTech Patron Wall, and rest easy knowing that we love and appreciate you. Also, you'll receive an invite to our new Slack chat channel #thehub where you can chat with us and other HomeTech fans 24/7!
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Get your name on the aforementioned Patron Wall, an invite to #thehub, and we will give you a special shout out on air. Who doesn't like hearing their name on the airwaves?? 




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About HomeTech.fm

HomeTech.fm is an independently produced show borne of a love for the smart home (well... that and a lot of hours locked away from our families, and the jobs that you know... feed said families). 

As you likely know, at HomeTech we pay our bills through our full time gigs in in the home technology field. We love what we do. In fact we love it so much that after doing it all day long we come home and read, write, tweet, and talk about doing it. Our wives probably wish we'd stick a sock in it once in a while. But hey... that's just one more reason we're so lucky to have listeners like you! 

Ok, now that we've buttered you up a little here comes the pitch. Creation of the HomeTech podcast does carry its costs. There is of course the mundane (read: Google Apps, Web Hosting, Libsyn, etc.). But mostly it's a labor of love. HomeTech is a project we work very hard on because we find it incredibly rewarding. Your patronage will help support the production of our beloved show. Your pledge will assist us in improving the quality and reach of our podcast. Additionally it will help us to continue producing ad-free episodes aimed at helping both integrators and consumers alike navigate the rapidly evolving smart home. 

We thank you so much for your support!

PS - If you can't afford to contribute no worries. There are plenty of other ways you can help. You could leave us a review on iTunes, share the show with a friend, or simply shoot us an email just to say "hey!" Whatever works!
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We will produce one Google Hangout on Air a month. If we were better looking we'd price this goal higher. But what can we say? We've got faces for radio...
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