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About Honest Pint Theatre Company

“…humanity at its best and worst"
Honest Pint Theatre Company is a professional theatre company located in Raleigh, NC, which was founded in 2013. Our inaugural offering was a critically acclaimed production of A STEADY RAIN by Keith Huff. We followed that production with David Stevens’ timely and poignant father/son play THE SUM OF US. Honest Pint’s production of Sharr White’s ANNAPURNA in 2015 won awards for Set Design, Acting, and Best Drama at the Inaugural Triangle Theatre awards. In 2016, we produced critically acclaimed productions of William Shakespeare's HAMLET (UNCUT) followed by the regional premiere of THE NIGHT ALIVE by Conor McPherson in early 2017, which was noted by critics as the most satisfying production of the season and one of the top five overall. In 2017, we also presented KING LEAR to raving audiences and THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX by Bathsheba Doran. THE MYSTERY OF LOVE & SEX garnered critical and audience acclaim for acting and direction, as well as set and sound design. April 2018 brought THE ABSOLUTE BRIGHTNESS OF LEONARD PELKEY, a stunning one-man show starring David Henderson and directed by Susannah Hough. Audiences and critics were bowled over by this production about gender fluidity, acceptance and inclusion. So far, 2019 brings THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE, THE HERD, and THE METROMANIACS. We also have launched our popular HOME BREW series featuring NC artists and creators presenting their work in a free and fun atmosphere. Look for HOME BREW every month or so.

We owe our success to our audiences and patrons. Because of them, we have the resources and inspiration to keep producing.
“…astutely mirroring the human flaws”
Honest Pint Theatre Company believes: theatre has the power to illuminate, transform and heal, and that experiencing theatre is essential for communities to thrive. Theatre brings us together, to sit near one another, to hear stories, to lift our voices in song or sorrow. Theatre creates worlds like no others. Its immediacy cannot be duplicated. Its intensity cannot be matched. A playwright’s miraculous words, directed with insight and acted with passion, elicit laughter, sadness, astonishment, enlightenment and inspiration. Suddenly, we are not alone.

Theatre is communal. An actor speaks a playwright’s words. Another answers. Dialogue begins; melody rises. The audience adds its own energy, rhythm, breath; harmony emerges — all of it entwining together in a shared experience of power and exhilaration.

We believe in excellence and strive for greatness. We believe in taking creative risks and working above and beyond our comfort zones in order to create experiences that stimulate, inspire, and challenge our audiences. We are an artistic home where professional actors can continue to work on their craft amongst their peers. We inspire the next generation of theater artists through performance, education, and outreach.

“… the purpose of playing, whose end, both first and now, was and is, to hold, as ‘t were, a mirror up to nature; to show virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure," (HAMLET) ...and that this mirror should show who we are; what and how we love, what and how we hate, what we’re doing right in the world, what we’re doing wrong; that mirror should show the state of humanity as it is. It should be affirming as well as condemning. It should make us think; it should make us laugh; it should make us cry. It should be honest.

“If it's the hard stuff you're after, Honest Pint has plenty to pour…”
We know that live theatre is an essential part of the cultural richness of a community, and that participating in community events enriches the quality of our personal lives, our families, and the quality of our work. We strive to expand our production schedule, to pay our artists a fair wage, and to become an integral part of the cultural life of the Triangle.


“…a marriage of compelling acting and affecting writing, providing one of the season’s most satisfying productions.”
Our success over the last six years is something we are proud of, but we didn’t do it alone!
We are grateful to those who support us every day, and that includes our directors, actors, designers, venue hosts, audiences, and anyone who reads and shares one of our Facebook or Instagram statuses.

And now, this list could include you! By coming a Patron, you can help us reach our goals and support local, homegrown theatre. Not only will your support help us expand our programming as indicated above, but you will also help us realize things such as:
●Providing the ability for Honest Pint to produce shows across North Carolina.
Culturally under served areas in our region need to see and hear some of the stories that we tell. We would love to be able to share them with people in eastern and western NC.
●Increasing actor/director/tech stipends. This allows us to use local artists and create a community where artists receive hard-earned wages creating their craft.
●Finding venues in which to produce our shows and projects. Commercial space in the Triangle area is at a premium and rents are costly. The smallest theatre companies in the area actually pay the most for space. Honest Pint has no “special arrangement” with the City of Raleigh concerning venue space like some other companies do, so we have to pay hefty rental fees.
●Subsidizing ticket costs for students, young adults, and seniors who otherwise would not be able to afford a ticket a live Honest Pint show.

“…(this show) serves as a perfect example of live theatre’s spellbinding power
and emotional thrust."
● It’s sometimes difficult to support theatre companies, even with the best of intentions.
●Your schedule gets away from you and you miss buying tickets for shows you want to see. There’s a perception that tickets are too expensive. Netflix and your couch beckon…
●And we are constantly inundated with groups asking for donations of financial support multiple times a year. Even if you want to support them all, it is difficult to cut a check each and every time. People rarely budget for charitable gifts.

So…….What if the model of support could change? What if you could support the arts all year long and do it at the level that fits your budget, and in a way that was
seamless and easy for you? 
Many of us have Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services that we pay for on a monthly basis. Netflix is roughly $9.00 a month or $96 a year. What if you could donate monthly to a theatre company and get LIVE theatre and other experiences as a result! Just imagine -- for the low cost of $10.00 a month, Honest Pint would get $120 a year. That $120 would cover the cost of one evening’s rights for a production. (Most royalties are $100/night).

For the same cost as one or two visits to Starbucks or one movie theater ticket per month, you can help sustain our company!

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