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About Honey Badger Brigade

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Thank you to everyone who supports us creating our content! You have all chosen to give something of yourself to bring attention to these difficult issues. You have chosen to go above and beyond and never forget it!

Who are we? Honey Badger Brigade is dedicated to bringing awareness to an alternative, science based model of gender dynamics that's inclusive of both men's vulnerabilities and women's agency. We also apply the tools we develop to further our understanding politics and social systems.

Our line up is as follows:

Sunday/Monday: HBR Rage- Alison and Mike rage at the machine
Tuesday: HBR News - Covers the latest happenings
Wednesday: HBR RAnt - Karen and Alison take on the neo-puritan of the week
Thursday: HBR Talk: Hannah and friends cover a topical issue.
Friday: Song of our people - New perspectives

Random Bonus! -Unnamed Room - Alison tackles a social issue in a monolog

Thank you for your support!

IF you aren't in our discord, you are not receiving the entire benefit of being a patron. Our Discord has a permanent archive of aftershow material, a support channel as well as engagement options unavailable through Patreon. Get on Discord.

Access to show alerts - 1$
Access to discord general chat and live aftershows - 5$
Access to badger game chat and minecraft server - $15
Access to the Thursday aftershow chat with the badgers  - 30$
Access to the Thursday and Tuesday aftershow chat with the badgers - 50$
Access to Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday aftershow chats with the badgers - 100$
A yearly mystery gift from the badgers - 150$
Mystery gifts from the badgers on Halloween, Christmas and Easter  - 300$
Unlock all the achievements from the year - 600$

We are still PER EPISODE! It's critical that you put the times you want to support to one or you will be charged PER EPISODE! You have to select the option to set the number of times you want to pledge to one.
Please double check that you've set the times to support to one. If you haven't we will be sending you a series of annoying emails.
If you don't head this warning or the emails we will be sending you a bonus item in lieu of a refund.

Budget breakdown:
Alison (general administration, content) - 3000 (240 hours/month, hour breakdown available on request.)
Brian (podcast producer)- 2000 (160 hours/month)
Jonathan (SEO, tech) - 1000 (80 hours/week)
Ed (Illustrator/animator) - 900
Hannah (HBR Talk runner) - 575
Max Derrat (HBR Breaking Badger runner) - 100
Mike J (News writeups) - 50

General expenses
Online hosting/software - 565
Office supplies/equipment - 750
Badger Cave Utilities - 225
Internet/phone - 265
Professional fees(accountant, corporate lawyer, development) - 500
Shipping & Handling - 150
Taxes - 300
Insurance - 150
Workshop - 300
Travel(to access business services in the City) - 340

Total: 11,170

Patreon income: 8500
Feedthebadger income: 1500
G+ income: 500

Total: 10500

Please see all fundraisers for individual one-time project break downs. All income over and above expenses goes to business savings to ensure HBB's future operations. Honey Badger Brigade is incorporated in Canada. 
$1,117.29 of $7,250 per radio show
At this funding goal level, the badgers can maintain their full lineup and operations.

This includes 4 live shows a week on all streaming platforms, 4-5 abridged shows on vid.me, 4 podcasts, 1-2 edited shows on youtube, a fully armed and operational patreon discord with badger-only bells and whistles.

Q: Do you receive the full per episode amount for each episode you do? 
A: No. The first episode of the month receives the full per episode amount. Each episode after that progressively receives less. The second episode of the month receives 1/10th the amount of the first and so on.
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