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Releash the Hounds!

Princess guarantees peace on earth and goodwill towards all creation* at this super cheap level!

*World peace and goodwill towards all creation not guaranteed. Results may vary depending on your country, state, and dimension. It's possible that things will only get worse by selecting this.

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Your name in the Debt Note!

Princess will write down your name in her beloved Debt Note*. You can look at it late at night to drive away all the regrets and bad decisions in life that are constantly trying to creep into bed with you**.

* Accessible via a special page on the Guarding Princess website.
** Past regrets and bad decisions may only intensify.

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Bucks to the Future!

Live in the future! Read an entire week of Guarding Princess in advance like the true time traveler you're meant to be, and not as the assistant pig keeper you've ended up!

Plus your name in the Debt Note! Plus good feelings*!

*Good feelings not guaranteed (also please don't ask for world peace, you're already getting something of even higher value at this level).




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About Honoel A. Ibardolaza

Greetings, dear friends who appreciate shenanigans. It is very safe to assume that you have found your way to this here page by clicking on a certain link situated in me comic Guarding Princess. It is also somewhat safe to assume that you have taken a certain liking to said comic and its perky cast of characters. If that is the case, then I am glad that all is going according to plan.

The plan is very devious in its simplicity: I will provide the shenanigans, and by manner of some ancient tomfoolery that involves the telling of questionably amusing stories, I will attempt to compel you to part with your spare change. Aye, I have no desire for the big bucks. In the gutters where I operate, it's all about the grimy loose change. The grimier, the better.

Oh, but don't reckon that the plan ends there. Oh, no it doesn't. It would make my act a little easier if it does. The plan extends to other plans. Bigger, bolder plans that involve even more cutefied portrayals of unsettling things. More comics! Bigger comics! And things! Other things!

And the best thing of all, by pledging, you give me more strength to keep my tears inside.
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I don't expect to get this far so I'll have to sit down and think about this when we cross this bridge.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
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