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About The Hoof and Trunk Post

The Hoof and Trunk Post specializes in a unique brand of Snarkasm™ that spreads a layer of darkness where there once was hope and a sheen of glee where there was darkness. Basically, we balance out both sides of The Force. Sure, we tend to really stick to more of one side than the other, but have you been paying attention politics this year? One side needs a bit more of a slap in the face than the other.

We're doing just okay right now, with a post or 2 a week, but we'd like to expand!

How exactly? Well, eventually, the big push would be for some video content.

Writing fake news and getting some pictures to dress it up isn't that hard, even though it is just all one person doing everything, every day, so far. To make us really explode, be loved and share the gift of ridiculousness with all, however, we really need to get to a point where people are watching us just as much as they are reading us. I keep saying us, even though it's just me, but that's because I hope to also bring in more people to help this dream along.

How about a "news radio" show? Of course it wouldn't be on FM, or even AM but we'd sure like to make it sound like it is. 

We need to take baby steps to get there, but more than anything, we need YOU to get there! Thankfully, you have already been reading and sharing us so much, and that is fantastic, but in order to make this happen, we need some contributions to make it all go! Thank you so much for reading, sharing and donating to make us the snappiest, funniest, most Snarkcastic™ independent, political satire site on the planet!
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