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is creating a Documentary Series on Horse Cultures
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About Hoof Beats Theatre

Explore Cultures, Observe Nature, Preserve Knowledge

Throughout history, horses have held the role of everything from a partner in survival to a mount of the gods. There have been countless styles of horsemanship developed through this cycle of the horse/human relationship. Some vary due to the region, some due to the job at hand. Through The Ears of a Horse is a documentary series dedicated to digging into the depths of these relationships. Discovering long forgotten secrets, alongside universal truths throughout the world.

I have spent extensive time in the company of horses and have come to view them as an honest filter to view the world. That is why horses are essential to this process. By training Calypso and Zemira with the ways of each culture we will get an opportunity to explore them not only with a camera, but through the ears of a horse. In doing it this way, we will all gain insights that would otherwise remain hidden.

It is important to me that I give back to the communities that have shared so much with us. Therefore, at the end of each adventure with a community, I will put on an event to support a local cause chosen by them.

The true value of knowledge lies in sharing it with others. That is why I invite all of you on this quest. With your help, we will be able to discover and preserve knowledge that has been passed down for ages so that these traditions and lifestyles are not lost to the sands of time. If this is something that you believe is important, than choose a tier and pay what you can to help us discover the mysteries of horses around the world.
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Our next trip will cost $2,500 per month. This time we will be heading to the west coast to locate and film with multiple cultures. Depending on when we are able to raise the money we will be leaving late spring to early summer. 
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