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About The Hope Seed Project

The Hope Seed Project is here to create a platform of visibility and connectivity for people across the globe who are either interested in beginning or are already established in becoming fully engaged in making the world a more beautiful place.  

The time has come to stand up and be courageous, to heal the parts of ourselves that need healing, to sing the special song inside our hearts, and to make our hopeful visions for life on this planet a vital reality!

Through the simple act of physically planting a seed of our Truth in the ground, in the form of a Hope Seed, and making this act visible to our global community, we can begin a beautiful and new conversation.  The podcasts on this campaign are a way for us to support your ongoing commitment to be here, to stand in your truth, and create positive change.  By sharing our stories, igniting the fire in our hearts, and coming up with new questions to bring us into deeper levels of connection, we can build the momentum to make this a self-sustaining movement and not just a singular moment of inspiration.  By subscribing to our project you are helping us to create balance for ourselves, our vision, and our families who all contribute so much for this heart-work to emerge and be sustained.  

We thank you, with deep gratitude, your interest and excitement for this vision has breathed this project into being!  

Share this project far and wide!
 There is not a single person on this planet who does not deserve to find their Truth, plant it inside the Earth, and announce their presence here.  We welcome you.
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Commit to 2 months or more and receive a Hope Seed Planting Packet including a Herkimer Diamond and everything you need to get started!
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Commit to 2 months or more at this level and receive a Hope Seed Planting Packet, plus a locally silk-screened Courage ::: Curiosity ::: Connection tee shirt! (please message us with your shirt size!)
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Our first goal is to cover our start-up costs and also to pay for the materials for the Hope Seed Planting Packets that each subscriber who commits to 2 months or more will receive!  The split of this will be 50/50 in each direction.  

The magical amount of $362 was conjured up by doubling the following initial expenses:

  1. Domain Name : $26
  2. Podcast Subscription : $36 / year
  3. Mapping Plugin: $29
  4. Microphone: $50
  5. Business Cards: $40
  6. Grand Total:  $181
 In the next phase we will graduate up to creating a travel fund so that we can bring this work to communities around the Earth, and also create a sustainable amount of contributor compensation for the time and effort it takes to run this project.  We have several planned goals beyond that, so stay tuned!
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