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is creating Catch2 and the CodingNest blog

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Hi, my name is Martin Hořeňovský and the thing you most likely know me for is maintaining Catch2. The other thing you might know me for is my blog,, where I write in-depth articles about computer science, C++, programming in general and other related things. 

Maintaining Catch2 takes a lot of work, so I am looking for support for my work amongst the greater community. If you ever thought to yourself "this is great and I wish I could support the author" about any of my work, well, now you can. Do note though, that because I want to keep my public work, well, public, the rewards you can get for your patronage are limited to some cosmic karma mixed together with the warm & fuzzy feeling you get from giving.

In the future, there might also be some voting and sneak peeks of new articles and changes.

Q: What happens to you if I don't support this Patreon?
A: Don't worry, I won't starve.
Q: Is this an official Patreon for Catch2?
A: No, this Patreon is for my work in general. On the other hand, at this time I am Catch2's only active maintainer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Q: Will development of Catch2 continue if people won't support this Patreon?
A: It will at least until the next major version, see my post on the future of Catch2.
Q: Can I support your work in a non-monetary way?
A: Just reaching out and saying that you like my work helps. For Catch2, you can also contribute to the development on GitHub, but you might want to check up with us on our Discord first.

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Reaching this level of support means that many people appreciate what I do and I should keep doing it. Not much will change in practice, but it will warm my cold black heart.
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