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About Horizon

How many times have you stayed with a friend or family member's house while traveling? At a friend of a friend's or someone in a community you belong to? We're confident that most of you have, and many times. We're here to grow the global community of trusted connections willing to host and share unique perspectives with others.

Horizon unlocks travel opportunities by enabling people to find places to stay, swap and live around the world with friends, friends of friends, and communities you belong to ( Peace CorpsStart-Up Chile, Kiva Fellows, AIESEC, StartingBlocImpact Hub, and more). We give travelers the option to thank their hosts by making a donation to charity.

Travel is made of wonderful people, amazing places and experiencing local culture. It's not made of screens and smartphones.

Stay a Night, Give a Night
Travelers can stay with a local during their visit to Seattle, and as thanks for their host's generous hospitality, fund one night's shelter for a homeless person for every night they stay ($14 per night). The donations will be allocated to Mary's Place.
Learn more here.

Thank you to the following sponsors for helping make Stay a Night, Give a Night possible:
Thank You for Your Support
Thank you to Wikileaf for sponsoring the 420 group.
Interested in sponsoring another group? Let us know, we'd love to work with other strategic brands who believe in our WHY.
Testimonial - Nathaniel Boyle from Holocene

What your Support Will Accomplish
Make community accessible for more people around the globe by enabling travelers to be welcomed in homes around the globe.
There is no VC money propping Horizon up. We're self-funded, and need your support to keep improving the platform. Your money will go towards keeping the lights on, product improvements, and community outreach (aka growing the membership and impact of Horizon).
Why We Do What We Do
We believe life's magical moments stem from real world experiences and people, not staring at screens. We know access to community changes lives, and makes the difference between unforgettable travel experiences and being alone in a foreign city.
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Patreon is the best way for creators to earn ongoing revenue directly from their fans.
If you want to help build the world's best community engagement app, please pledge $5 (or more) to enable us to continue to invest in further development of the application.  More about Patreon can be found here.

If you have specific questions about Horizon's business model, product, or team, please see our FAQs here, and team page located here.
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Available sponsor opportunities: 420, Climate Change, Photography, CoLiving, Vegans, EDM, Indie Rock, Travel Bloggers, Volunteering, Hitchhiking.
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