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About Lila Donnolo

Dear Ones,

horizontal with lila is akin to consensual eavesdropping — eavesdropping on private conversations about sex, love, and intimacy of all kinds. My guests are sex educators, pro Dommes, professional cuddlers, YouTube stars, meditation teachers, tantra practitioners, and all sorts of other fascinating humans, including my housemates at Hacienda Villa — the intentional community where I live.

Hacienda Studio, our community event space, is a nexus for sex, intimacy, and pleasure education. (The kind of sex ed we all deserve, but most of us didn't get!) horizontal presents events at the studio, such as horizontal storytelling (live recordings), Art of Trust workshops (connection games), 14 Rooms (an intimate, immersive Valentine's experience), Femme Domme BDSM exploratoriums, and horizontal sleepover parties.

The podcast has been bootstrapped by a little bit of internet learning and a whole lot of favors. For the entire first season, I borrowed recording equipment from my housemate. My badass intro music was created by a musician friend during a brief break between tours. I edited the podcast myself (which took me 12-18 hours per episode). An audio friend volunteered to mix and master the first season and get my project out into the world.

Just before I went on my "horizontal does america" road trip in October/November of 2017, circumnavigating the country to record with folx in their homes in their cities, I bought my recording kit, out of pocket. Upon my return, I hired the podcast editor Chad Michael Snavely. Just now, in April 2019, at the beginning of Season 3, I've started to be able to cover his monthly fee & the Libsyn hosting fee (which stores my episodes and shares them with apps)!

I plan to curate another cross-country tour in 2019, and not just to record! This time I intend to do a Sleepover Tour, perform installations, give speeches, lead workshops, curate retreats, and shoot video all along the way!

After that, the next step will be a global recording tour! Horizontal does The Globe!

For the next horizontal does america, I must ACQUIRE / BORROW a CAMPER VAN, rent spaces, cover gasoline and other traveling expenses, and purchase the proper equipment to make sensuous, intimate recordings in environments as varied as beaches, mountaintops, jungles, big echo-y bedrooms, and, naturally, the van!

My patrons will get access to exclusive content (intimacy tips, love poems, tickets to horizontal happenings, recordings from live events, personalized date-planning, a tailored intimate gift per month...) and behind-the-scenes access (saucy photos, special shoots, on-the-road videos, bloopers). There are physical goodies too! horizontal stickers, magnets, and bumper stickers are already in existence! Booty shorts and robes are in the works (!)

Many of you have read my weekly missives for years. I share about things I am genuinely pondering, struggling with, celebrating, or mourning. Thank you so much for your attention, and especially for the stories you shared with me in return. I hope you will join me — and continue to tell me things! — as I deepen what I share with the world into more intimate, raw, revealing, vulnerable territory. I've begun to share this writing again, along with other horizontal happenings and resources, and you can receive it on an entirely irregular basis, by signing up for the mailing list through

I believe that making private conversations public dispels shame, diminishes loneliness, and cultivates human connection.

And I am quite certain that the more intimate the life, the better the life.

Help me happen it.

Big Love,

P.S. Listen on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, or directly from Libsyn.
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When I hit the $1000 a month mark, I'll throw a horizontal with lila SLEEPOVER pajama party in a delightful venue!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to
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