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This Patreon charges per ISSUE, not per month.
Minimum:  2 issues per year
Maximum: 6 issues per year

Hi everyone! :)

My name's Gabriela and I'm the creator and editor of "HORNGRY", the first online magazine made by, about and for the BHM/FFA community. It's a passion project of mine that I started a year ago now and something I've wanted to do for a very long time. The first two issues have come out earlier this year and I've been completely overwhelmed by the positive feedback and love I've gotten from everyone and I can't believe how many of you have been asking for HORNGRY to be a more regular thing, than just a couple of issues a year.

So this is my best bet to make this a reality I hope... with your help. <3 :)

This Patreon is for everyone who wants to help, to contribute and to be a part of it, whether it's on a small scale, or on a big one - it's up to you. By pledging just a little tip for each issue (minimum 2 a year - maximum 6 a year) you can show your support for Horngry, get a little reward tailored to your donation and even help Horngry become a bigger thing in the long run. Each pledge will guarantee you your own little reward, from a thank you e-mail, special mentions in upcoming Horngry issues, or becoming part of a small consultant team that will get early updates and ways to input ideas, to getting your favourite Horngry cover printed and signed. Just check out the rewards on the right hand column and choose which pledge works best for you! :)

You will only be charged per issue, NOT monthly, meaning that you will only be charged if I actually do the work for it first guaranteeing you not to waste your donation!

What exactly is Horngry?
  • HORNGRY will always be free and available to download for everyone!
  • Each issue is a full color, online PDF full of links and a functional jump-to-page index, glossary and more.
  • A minimum of 30 pages per issue.
  • Content: Each issue comes with different segments that cover a big range of content. Some of them are: Reader mails and feedback, links to new and upcoming BHM/FFA websites or events, both visual artists and writers showing you their BHM/FFA related work (some/most of it Horngry exclusive!), scientific articles that will discuss themes relevant to our community from sociological, psychological, philosophical and medial standpoints, interviews with prominent people within our community, and so much more! 
  • At the moment there are approximately 2 issues a year, but the more people back HORNGRY, the more time I could set aside for HORNGRY and even make this quarterly, if not bi-monthly webzine!

What are the Patreon Goals?
Patreon Goals are funding goals we can achieve together! Instead of individual rewards it takes all patrons into account by just adding all your individual pledges together. If that amount reaches a certain goal, I will add new features to Horngry that a lot of people have been asking for, but that I wasn't able to do until now because of time and money limits. So you as patrons will get to actively change and shape Horngry and in return not only get your individual rewards, but your pledge can help Horngry to become beefier (more pages, more artists, more articles!!) and more regular (up to 6 issues a year!), as well as be the starting point for new BHM/FFA related projects in the future. (Online and Offline Events, A more interactive website, maybe even a podcast one day?)

Patreon exclusive accompanying booklet!

Starting with issue I am releasing a Patreon exclusive booklet (L Patreon and higher!) that will contain progress shots of artwork, extended interviews from the main issue and behind the scenes pictures.
It will be more fun-oriented and less serious than the main webzine and only available through Patreon. :)
I will be uploading the booklet about a week after the original magazine release, here on Patreon. The main post that will collect your pledges will therefor not be made when the next issue of Horngry releases, but always week later, when the booklet is finished and uploaded. <3

HORNGRY will always be free, but this is how you can say thank you and help add new and exciting features to HORNGRY!
And with a bit of support from the community it might grow into something big. =) 

HORNGRY website
My tumblr
My Youtube
Vice article about me
Academic work I have been involved with
My DeviantArt page

$83 of $100 per issue
Double spreadpage in the middle with a themed BHM/FFA related, digital artwork from me in every issue. So far I've mostly focused on the covers and layout design. Many of you have asked for more artwork from me within HORNGRY, so this is the first goal I'd like to achieve. =)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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