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About Unlikely


I am Unlikely and I am the author of the adult game Hard Times in Hornstown. This is a text-based sandbox time management game focusing on sexual situations including several fetishes.
The game puts you in the shoes of a boring everyman down on their luck. Your goal is to manage time and money efficiently and to build a life for yourself that you always wanted.
The game has both straight and gay sexual content and several opportunities for the transformation of the player character both physically and mentally.

The game currently contains:
- 3000+ passages, containing more than 15 million characters words  worth of text and code
- 350+ 3D rendered images
- A dynamic player avatar allowing about a million combinations, see your avatar transform along with your body and change with the different clothes you decide to wear
- dozens of unique locations to visit
- 100+ NPCs to have sex with (females, males and shemales)
- A job system allowing you to become a stripper, a store gimp, a criminal, a drug dealer, a trashy streetwalker, a sissy beautican's assistant, a high class escort or even something mundane like a supermarket clerk, a labourer, a security guard, a lifeguard, a secretary or a hotel attendant (but don't worry they also get plenty of opportunities to be naughty).
- Commit crimes, go to jail.
- Do some drugs with transformative side effects. Become addicted, get clean.
- Fetish content including domination, submission, feminization, exhibitionism, MtF/FtM transformations, voyeurism, bimbos, maids, sissies, chastity, SPH and more!
- Have I mentioned you can also become a secret sex agent? Because you totally can.

Last public content update: 26th of September, PHP version 3.4
220k new characters, 7new NPCs, 35 new high-resolution images, a new outfit, a new avatar type (himbo), a new location (Gallery). Derek's pills have been slightly reworked, resulting in himbo transformation when taken excessively. Unique location, events and NPC available to himbo players. Gallery is open with exciting images and new NPCs with their own storylines. Moving arond in the city can now result in finding random sexual and non-sexual events to partake in.
Threesomes, dumbing down, Dom/sub play, masculinization, transformation, muscle worship, leather/rubber, sissyfication, humiliation, masturbation, spanking, sex toys content.

Last patron content update: 26th of September, PHP version 3.4
280k new characters, 10+ new NPCs, 48 new high-resolution images, a job, a new location, and new game mechanics. More that 15 new city encounters have been added, providing all kinds of zany and sexy scenarios for those who play long enough o discover them all.
The new pornstar job is live, providing players with a new money making opportunity as well as an extremely varied, replayable option for creating art.
Vanilla sex, cuckolding, D/s play, orgasm denial, medical bondage, voyeourism, sex toys, humiliation and more!

Next update: 30th of October, PHP version 3.5/4.0 ALPHA

The game is complete at this point but will continue to be expanded with new content indefinitely.
The game has monthly updates, with patrons being able to vote on the parts of the game I focus my efforts on and getting new content one month earlier than the public version.
You can find more information and give the game a try here!

Why should you support me on Patreon?
- Although Hard Times in Hornstown has reached version 1.0 this does not mean the end of development. There is still a LOT of new content I want to put into it - with your help.
- With a game like this, everyone has something they want to see included. If you become a patron, you get to vote on what new updates will contain.
- Patrons pledging 5$ a month or more will also get access to content updates one month earlier that the public release.
- Patrons pledging $15 a month will gain access to every piece of content I finish as soon as it's done. They also get access to a developer tool helping them navigate the game. Oh, and let's not forget that they are able to create their own NPC that will make its appearance in-game.
- The amount of funding generous people like you give me allows me to spend more time and money on developing and perfecting the game.
- Games like this can never be sold or advertised through mainstream channels. People like you are the only way people like me are able to get recognition and funding. Thank you!
$6,779 of $10,000 per month
Alternatives appear
Do you like having choices? If we have this much money we will be able to pay for a shitton of new renders which means we can have an alternative appearance for our most popular NPCs. Who gets a makeover and what their alternatives will look like will depend on YOUR choices, we will have a vote for each. The changes in appearance will come with slight changes to their behaviour and dialoge to make it more immersive.
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