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About Horn Street Advisors

Our free collection of characters, maps, and items is designed to encourage impromptu and ad hoc role playing games with friends and family, even if they have no experience with role playing games. By using our easy-to-read player characters, your party can quickly choose adventurers and run a story or campaign without a Session Zero.

We cater to experienced role players and game masters that wish to share their passion for gaming with individuals who have little to no previous experience. Whether you're home with family for the holidays or running your first one-shot with friends, all you need is a printer, some dice, and a good story to start your next adventure.

If you'd like to support Horn Street Advisors and our mission to share role playing games with a broader audience, please consider supporting our project! We are now offering the opportunity to contribute to Horn Street Advisors. By pledging certain tiers of support, we can add your characters, items, or maps to our site for others to use in their own games!

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