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One great big thank you for supporting my costumes and updates on them. As projects are finished you will be emailed 5 Hi res hero shots of the costume.
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About Russty Nail

I make Costumes. And I really enjoy showing how I make them. Every week day I post something about the costume I'm presently working on on my blog I also post a video detailing exactly how I built some part once a week on Sundays.
Present Project
Right now I'm working on a costume of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s flight armor from How to train your dragon 2. The plan is not to make a costume really, It is to make the actual armor, down to the stitch. By the time it’s done the squirrel wings will work, the back fin will work. all the straps that are there will be there for the reason it is in the movie. The flight suit will be correct down to the millimeter. So every stitch is in the right place, going the right direction on the materials that should be used. Some fudging might have to happen due to the film being CG and not have to fallow real physics, but in those cases I will draw from historic clothing and armor. The character artist did a really good job researching and making their idea realistic. The only thing that will not be true to the movie is the amputation. Unless I crash my motorcycle just right.
I am aiming to having a v.1 wearable costume by movie release mid June. But there is a lot that will have to be done after wards to get the costume to the quality I'm looking for.
Your Support
My costumes will happen whether or not anyone supports my efforts. Having people enjoy what I'm making only drives me to make it so much cooler and spread my knowledge. Blogging and making videos takes time away from the builds, but lets me share my passion. So every time someone likes a post or comments on a video I know that the time lost is well used. Saying that you like it enough to throw a little cash my way just makes me want to create more, better, faster, harder(sorry daft punk).
My dream is to be able to stretch this format from one costume to the next. What the next one will be, I'm going to have my Pareon's help me pick.

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I will double the build video output.
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