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About HorrorFam.com

ZERO Gated Content! Read on to Find Out Who We Are and How Funds are Spent!

Hi there! My name is Lauren Spear and I’m the founder of HorrorFam.com!

My idea was to create a horror-focused website that harkened back to the sites I visited in my youth. As a teenager in the late 1990s, topic-specific forums were all the rage; and I missed that “focused” community vibe. I longed for an updated hangout spot to chill with my online horror “fam.”

Why bother with an old-school forum in the day-and-age of social media platforms? For me, the answer was simple: Forums are focused.

Social media outlets can be fantastic (I have a Twitter account - @LoveHorrorFam), but their focus is extremely scattered. Even “niche” social accounts don’t always stay “on brand” with their topics. How many times have you followed a “horror” account only to end up with political “hot takes” in your timeline? Ugh. Plus, the constant onslaught of information, updating every second, makes it nearly impossible to find EXACTLY what you want, when you want it.

Again: Forums are focused – everyone stays on topic (unless they’re in the “off-topic” section!). If you go to the HorrorFam.com forums there are – gasp! – people talking about HORROR. The people and threads vary wildly, but the overall subject “theme” is agreed upon in advance.

Additionally, forums are organized, and easily searchable. The pacing is less frantic as well – you can compose a reply in your own time, without having to worry about things like wordcount restrictions. Hanging out with your friends shouldn’t be stressful (as it often is on modern social platforms). I wanted to recapture that magic.

But a forum on its own, while nice, didn’t feel like enough. So, I added a blog to the site. A place for a constant flow of curated content, specific to the horror niche.

However, there are already a ton of horror “news” sites for upcoming features. And they do a great job! So, the HorrorFam.com blog doesn’t focus on horror “news” (with one exception; detailed further below). It’s a hodgepodge of nostalgic topics in the horror genre, mixed with subjects loosely tied to “horror” as an idea/feeling/lifestyle.

Plus, as a freelance writer with over a decade of experience, I knew the blog could provide something else: Portfolio clips for writers looking to break into the industry.

By accepting guest posts ( writer submissions), HorrorFam.com gives newbie writers looking to break into the horror genre (as well as veteran writers who’re looking to switch niches; or simply do some “just for fun” writing!) a way to get published pieces under their belts. Dealing with me is usually (hopefully?) far less intimidating for writers than approaching the Head Editor of a more prestigious/established publication.

Finally, and most importantly, I wanted HorrorFam.com to focus on the “fam.” The wonderful weirdos, the “mutants,” and the creepy creators who love the genre.

Creating a place for like-minded “fiends” to have some horrifically good fun was the number one goal. Not far behind, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the “little guy” creators – the everyday people who actually produce horror-related indie films, YouTube videos, podcasts, artwork, comics, novels, music, clothes, toys, masks, etc.

It’s Wonderful (note the capital “w!”) that the horror industry has had a surge of “mainstream” success recently; however, there are SO many people who create AMAZING things who will lack the funds necessary to get eyes on their creations. Those lovingly-crafted “monsters” end up withering on the table and their creators never have that “It’s ALIVE!” moment because they lack the social “lightning” needed to succeed…

So, the HorrorFam.com forum has a section dedicated to allowing creators to promote their work for FREE to a built-in audience who LOVES horror . And, occasionally (in the exception to the “we’re not a ‘news’ site” rule), creators and their current and/or upcoming projects are highlighted on the blog as well.

HorrorFam.com was built so people who love the horror genre could find each other, and have fun together.

What Does This Patreon Cover?

It’d be fantastic if this Patreon could cover all the things I’m currently paying out of my own pocket…

Those costs include:

  • The domain name/URL. There’s no HorrorFam.com without, uh, HorrorFam.com…
  • Hosting (and any additional hosting upgrades needed as the site grows).
  • SSL Certificate (that’s the “https”/padlock that keeps the site, and your info, secure).
  • Premium CopyScape credits. Since we accept writer submissions, it’s super important we double-check each piece for plagiarism – especially since, sadly, the horror genre is known for writers having their content ripped off. Not on my watch, Fam!
  • Advertising Campaigns. These costs should lessen as word-of-mouth spreads; but, for now, I’m paying for advertising to promote HorrorFam.com as the hip new hangout spot for horror fans.
  • Premium Themes/Plugins/Other. Stuff to keep the site looking nice AND working properly sometimes costs extra. >_<
  • Miscellaneous. Buying rights to photos (when needed), hidden fees, and other stuff like that. Seems like there’s always something that randomly pops up and demands payment. It’d be lovely to have those things covered.
Once those costs are taken care of, I’d love to invest money into:

  • Paying writers. Those who consistently contribute fabulous content to the site (including myself…*ahem*) should, ideally, be paid for their time/effort. Guest post submissions for writers looking to build their portfolios (or who simply want to submit a one-off piece for fun!) will always be accepted/welcome; but those of us who dedicate a TON of time contributing to the blog (as loyal writers and/or editors) would sure appreciate a little dosh.
  • Contests/Prizes. I’d love to buy super cool horror-related things and then raffle them off! How fun would that be?! The raffles/contests/whatever would be free for people to enter, but the prizes (as well as a great raffle plugin/software) would cost money that I (currently) cannot afford to spend out of my own pocket.
  • Other? Behind-the-scenes, my “core” team and I have been tossing around some nifty ideas for “down the road” ways for HorrorFam.com to continue to grow. Much of this will be dictated by the audience and what the “fam” desires.

Any Patreon Tiers or Rewards?

Nope. Everything on HorrorFam.com is free (except the merch, which is off-site) and everything HERE is free too. There’s no gated content. You see the exact same Patreon page whether you donate money or not.

I want you to fund this Patreon simply because you WANT to, out of the goodness of your lil black heart.

Your experience as a “patron” will be no different than someone who doesn’t pay a single penny. Except, perhaps, you’ll have a warm glow from knowing you helped a site you love to thrive?

I adore HorrorFam.com and will keep it going, to the best of my abilities, out of my own pocket for as long as I possibly can – with or without your help. WITH your help, it would undoubtedly be a better site (and I’d certainly be under far less stress!); but I never want to badger anyone or beg. There’s one lil button to this page featured on HorrorFam.com (I’ll be massively surprised if anyone notices it!), and that’s how it will always be.

You can donate once or donate every month. Totally up to you! I activated the “take their money NOW!” feature on this account because, I was told, that was preferred method for those looking to make one-time donations (sometimes people want to make a one-time donation and then forget they’d submitted a payment once the end of the month money grab from Patreon hits their bank accounts – as someone who spent most of her twenties overdrawn from “Oops! I forgot about that!” automatic payments, I thought that was a nice feature to implement).

You can also STOP being a patron at ANY time for ANY reason. No hard feelings. I won’t call you out or whine about/to you. Ultimately, how you spend your money is up to YOU. I’ll always be grateful for your help (for however long it lasted), but you are ZERO percent obligated to pay for ANY of this. Ever.

Disclosure: How HorrorFam.com (Potentially) Earns Other Money

As of this writing, I’m the sole person funding HorrorFam.com; however, that might not always be the case. In addition to this Patreon page, I’ve implemented two other (potential) ways for HorrorFam.com to be funded:

On-Site Ads. There are six ad “slots” on HorrorFam.com that people can buy to promote their…whatever. HorrorFam.com gets a one-time payment from each ad with no additional kick-back (we don’t do affiliate stuff – too many messy links and whatnot to keep track of!).

Merchandise. We have a Society6 page that sells shirts and stickers and whatnot with our HorrorFam.com “family” of monsters on ‘em. Society6 gets the bulk of the profits from each purchase – they only pay the creators ten percent (10%) of the total price listed. From that 10 percent (10%), fifty percent (50%) of the money goes to Heather Landry/SandpaperDaisy (the artist who illustrated everything!), and the rest goes right back into maintaining HorrorFam.com. Sooooooo, in other words… 90% to Society6, 5% to the artist, and 5% to HorrorFam.com! Kind of a joke, honestly, where “profits” are concerned; but DANG do those shirts look awesome!!

Anything Else?



Seriously. Thank you.

Whether you’re fueling this dream with your hard-earned cash or are simply sending positive vibrations in our general direction: You’re awesome.

Thank you for stopping by!

Beast Wishes,
HorrorFam.com Founder

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