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We want to make the best content for you about horror films. With this we can continue to provide great reviews, interviews and witty commentary. We just need to pay for the hosting and studio costs.
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It is my dream to be able to offer my co-hosts a little compensation for all their efforts, knowledge and entertainment they bring to each and every episode. Their dedication and talent is extraordinary and inspiring. Help me show them how much they mean to me AND YOU!
Help take the show on the road, baby, a HORROR CONVENTION TOUR!
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We want to take Horror News Radio to a Horror Convention near YOU again in 2015! We want to meet YOU face to face, the HNR listener, the HNR fan! We want to talk horror with you one-on-one. We also want to bring promo goodies to the table to help out independent film makers get the word out about their films, the films we love - and you just might love as well. We do not sell merchandise at the table, we go to simply PROMOTE Horror News Radio and meet YOU!


Horror News Radio is the best podcast about horror films wit a variety of view on the genre. The panel includes Doc Rotten, Santos Ellin Jr. (The Black Saint), Dave Dreher, Thomas Mariani and Vixen, the voice of reason. The podcast is a weekly program about horror movies, entertaining reviews, fascinating interviews, Dave's Horror News of the Week and STUMP THE SAINT.


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This is HNR podcast host Doc Rotten, together with the grue-crew (The Black Saint, Vixen, Dave Dreher and Thomas Mariani) from Horror News Radio, we are hard at work creating the most awesome horror podcast show for YOU - our beloved fan. Horror News Radio is a weekly podcast audio show with film reviews, interviews, Horror News of the Week and the ever popular Stump the Saint trivia. We also feature some kick ass contests for DVDs, BluRays, Books, Masks and Toys.

HNR is going back on the road, heading out to horror conventions to meet YOU, our listener, our fan. But, we need your help. Doing all this is not free, travel is pricey: rooms, tables, gas, food. Our shows will always be free. With Patreon YOU have the opportunity to show your support by donating to Horror News Radio. Thank you!

We are starting off with a simple $1 per episode promotion. Of course, you can give as much as you like per episode (thank you!) or you can cap it off at the amount you want to give (we still thank you! every bit help and every bit of help is appreciated!). 

Check back again for additional promotions and opportunities as our Patreon experience continues. You may be amazed at the things we have planned!

See you soon on the podcast or at a horror convention near you!
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