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About Horror Tree

Hello there,

Stuart Conover here, editor of The Horror Tree! First off, thank you for considering joining and helping grow the Horror Tree Community. For years, this website has been a passion project for everyone involved. What started off as a simple listing of horror markets has grown to one of the largest listings of speculative market listings that you can find online. On top of that, we strive to give you author interviews, fresh fiction on a weekly basis, and articles that can help your writing career. Without you, we wouldn't have grown past a horror market listing tracker into what we are today!

How Patreon Works
If you've found your way to our Patreon from our website you may or may not be familiar with the service. What Patreon is in place to do is offer our readers a direct way to support the growing community of Horror Tree. Based on the concept of offering patronage to artists and creatives, this service allows you to offer it to our website.
To use the service is really quite simple. You would select the orange button in the top right of the screen that you want to "Become A Patreon" and select a monthly contribution! Each level has its own unique rewards. As a bonus, all Patreons will also get early access to the pro-pay markets on the day we find them and won't have to wait until they're published on the site.

Our Plans For Patronage
The first goal of seeking out Patrons has already been fulfilled. That is to keep the site from being a financial burdon. THANK YOU PATRONS!

Following this, we have a few areas which we're hoping to take care of.
  • Paying our staff a bare minimum for all the hard work everyone puts in.
  • Paying our Trembling With Fear contributors up front.
  • Giving our staff a pay raise.
  • Expanding the website with custom features.
  • Creating more paying writing opportunities to our readers.
  • Creating an ad-free version of the site for Patreons
  • And so much more! 
Once again, thank you for taking part in the Horror Tree community. We couldn't do this without you.
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This portion will go towards adding features to the site and finding ways to make it faster. Also, potentially including some advertising in here as well. 
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