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Having spent 5 years learning stress free cattle work from a Paniolo and master stockman here on Oahu, I gained a deep love and appreciation for the Paniolo Spirit.  Sammy used to share stories of his life and learnings and one of the things that resonated deeply was when he told me, "we would send out the younger generation with old timers".  He shared the importance of passing on the traditions, knowledge, and most importantly the spirit of the lifestyle which I was blessed to learn about from him one on one almost daily for 5 years, until he passed away.  My time with him felt cut short but I am forever grateful for each moment with him and the herd.  If you decide to commit to being a patron of this tier, I commit to you that I will show up, be authentic, and will do my very best to honor the spirit of the horse.  In honor of the Paniolo Spirit and the blessings of sharing the steps along the way with like minded souls whose connection will help spread the work...for the horses.