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is creating Rehabilitating and retiring horses
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About Christy Marie

I’m going to need your help. I’m letting a horse retire at my home. He’s 30. He’s going to need care. He is underweight. I will need donations for him. His feet need trimmed every 6 weeks in the summer, every 8 weeks in the winter — it’s around $35-40 each time. He will need grain $35-45/month. He needs supplements because he’s old — $30 a month. He needs vaccinations and teeth cleaning every year ($200 tops), and he needs wormer every 6 months, like $15-20. I can get his hay. I’ll clean his stall everyday, feed him twice a day, he will always have fresh water, a warm blanket in the winter, turn him out to pasture in the evenings to avoid flies, brush him, love him, and exercise him. Any of you who donate are welcome to come see him and love on him. It’s not fair that the old horses don’t get to retire peacefully. People should plan on their animals retirement 😞 Every donation will help him. This will be a continuing donation plan. So even $5-$10 a month from 15 people is a lot of help for him. I need to know if I will have help before I 100% commit to this. 
He has an upcoming dentist appt in July, which should cost around $85.
Thank you in advance.
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