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Even a dollar goes a long way. Thank you very much for your support, it's super appreciated!

- Access to sneak peeks of merchandise!

- Access to sketches of art and pin concepts!

- Access to exclusive speed paint videos of artwork and merchandise! 

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Smol Sheepie

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Thank you! By donating $5, you get:

- Access to previous tiers

- Monthly chibi sketches of your choosing

- Hi-res images of full artwork and pin art.

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Sheep Tots

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Thank you! By donating $10, you get:

- Access to the previous tiers!

- Access to videos before they're made public

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- Raffles to win the next pin design

- Exclusive sticker sent to you

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About hoshi

Hey there! I’m Hoshi (or hosheep, or Sam, or however you know me as!) and I'm a 30-year-old artist living in Texas. It's been a dream of mine for about ten years or so to be able to open a shop and sell my artwork as a variety of products. While I made the dream to open up the shop a realization in 2017, I want to push that dream further and make it a business that I can successfully call a second (or even primary!!) job.

I’ve been drawing on and off for most of my life. It’s been something that I’ve dreamed about doing for a living, though there were a lot of mental hurdles keeping from from pursuing that dream. I’ve gone to school to help develop my skills and am still learning every day. All of the constant support that I get from my friends, family, and strangers has helped me push myself hard the past two years to improve even further and beyond what I think I’m even capable of!

There seriously is not enough thank yous for that support.

I hope that I can continue to live up to the expectations of many as well as continue to grow and share my growth with everyone. I hope to be able to try many different creative outlets beyond just art, such as streaming or making videos in addition to the work that I do for my Etsy shop.

It certainly isn’t an understatement when I say that I pour my all into all of the above.

Patreon’s a platform in which you can support a creator on a project or monthly basis. My patreon is on a monthly basis, meaning that I charge at the first of the month, every month. If you pledge in the middle of the month, you will still get the benefits of that month!

Every tiny bit helps. Don’t think that just because you can’t afford much that it isn’t worth it, because it is! What pocket change there is to spare is pocket change that makes all the difference to someone else.

I hope that my work can continue to make you smile and bring enjoyment to your life!

If you can’t decide which tier to go for, allow me to explain! These tiers will also go toward the stretch goals which are also explained below!

$1 - Baby Sheep
This tier gives you access to all patreon-only posts, my sketches for future projects, and sneak peeks at said projects! Heck, sometimes there will even be the surprise product that just crops up with no warning you can get a peek at! You also get exclusive videos of speed paints that I record of any merchandise or art pieces I make!

$5 - Smol Sheepie
In this tier, not only do you gain access to the previous tier, but you also get monthly chibi sketches of your choosing (one per patron, SFW only) as well as hi-res JPGs of any finished artwork that I manage to complete within the month. I tend to make my pieces in 300dpi (varying from sizes like 4x6 or 8x10 or however the composition works best), so this will allow you use them as wallpapers for your desktop! At the start of the month I will also message you to ask what you would like for your chibi sketch and references if necessary.

$10 - Sheep Tots
In addition to the previous two tiers, you get access to any videos that I make before the general public and get to decide exactly what kind of pin that I get to make next on my Etsy shop! An exclusive sticker will also be sent to you! Furthermore, there will be a raffle for everyone to win their very own pin of the poll winner!

$25 - Super Sheepies
All previous tiers as well as their very own custom pin! This could range from a pin made out of their chibi sketch for the month to even requesting a pin from the shop, including limited holiday pins! At the start of the month, I will message you to ask you which pin you want to allow time to make the pin. This does not affect the Etsy inventory.


In terms of the goals, here's a break down of what I have my eye on in the future:

$50 - This will allow me to switch over to more eco-friendly mailing packaging. The switch would be made from bubble mailers to small mailer boxes.
$100 - This is a simple resupply allowance. Every other month, I'm running out of something I have to pay for out of my own pocket (and it's money I can't always budget for), whether it be something like pin backings, or resin, or paper, of the expensive stuff like CMYK ink. This will ensure that I don't stop production of my Etsy shop and am able to continue to provide the goods I promise.
$200 - This allows me to be a little bit riskier with my ventures, experiment with what works and what doesn't with Etsy, Twitch, YouTube, or my art in general. I have a desire to also offer buttons, stickers, and charms as products of my artwork but lack the means otherwise to do so.
$300 - It allows me to order acrylic charms or enamel pins from a manufacturer to allow for a more professional touch on certain items which were created with this in mind. 
$400 - I can cut shipping costs on all orders and order Free Shipping for everything on Etsy! 

10% complete
This will allow me to purchase and use different and more recyclable packaging for shipping orders!
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