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Welcome to the team! You'll not only recieve a thank you but also a production credit on any new patreon funded videos!




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Hi! I'm James D and I'm the creator of GAMESD; A series of videos about Video Games. These are a celebration of the medium that look to point out features, techniques or quirks that should be better examined and extrapolated.

Each video is a recipe of sharp points, relaxed narration, chill beats and feisty video editing with a sprinkle of animation, perfect to watch with food or as background noise to your busy day.


The GAMESD project is something I want to nurture as a creative endevor. The money you'll pledge will help support the project for the foreseeable future and will go completely towards the cost of production. Some of the things I would like to use this money for is to cover the cost of new equipment, travel costs for interviewing, paying contractors I'd like to work on these videos and more.

Most importantly to you; there's no tricks, no tat and no tiers. All I am asking for is $1 per video.

What you get for that dollar is my thanks and a producers credit on every video I make that is patreon funded. If you want scripts, storyboards and private discord invites, you don't need to pay for them; just send me a message.

I'm looking forward to working with you all in the coming year and make good on your investment.
$7 of $20 per Video
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This would cover the cost of video food needed to make GAMESD as great as it can be. As this would be patreon funded, you can suggest potential toppings.
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