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Hi, everyone! I'm Erik, also known as HOT DAD, and I create emotional/weird/funny music/videos/content. I work with a terrific video editor named Peter, the man also behind all of my graphic design/album covers.

We make a lot of content together, and if you're here right now, you've probably seen at least some of it. I'm proud and extremely grateful to be a full-time content creator, and I can confidently say that that's only been possible because of my beautiful patrons.


You're joining up with other incredible/kind patrons to help me create and grow (literally and creatively). I do this at least 5 days a week, all year long, and I've been doing it that way since 2014. At my current size, I don't make a lot of $$$, but I'm grateful for what I've got. And like many other non-PG, short-form video channels on YouTube, I basically make nothing from ad revenue because my content is frequently "not advertiser friendly" or too short to be lucrative for ad stuff.

Sometimes I make stuff that's extremely wholesome and SFW, and sometimes I don't. I want that choice to be a fun/creative decision that's up to me/my whims, not dictated by what YouTube supposedly wants.

A lot of y'all really care about what I/we make (and I/we love ya big time for that), so if that's you, this is a direct way to join up with other people who care and make sure that that sweet content stream (SCS) keeps on flowin'. You're becoming part of a strange and fun journey that I'm on with a little help from my beloved pals. And with more money, I'll also be able to pay for professional mixing and mastering + purchase additional equipment/software/whatever to make music with.

You're also helping me pay Peter for his time/effort. Peter signed on as a volunteer back in early 2016 (wow!), and our relationship has evolved far more than I could have ever anticipated. I consider him a crucial part of the HOT DAD VISION™, which means I need to do my best to make sure he's got the free time to be involved ($$$).

If you can't afford to contribute, I understand and still love ya. My primary content will always remain free. I know that this is a luxury good, not a necessity, and I'm really, really, really, grateful for every cent I get. THANK YOU (a lot)!


$846.17 of $1,000 per month
Keep Video Quality High—and Improving! Video editor extraordinaire, Mr. Peter Bjorndal, will be able to continue focusing primarily on Hot Dad content, which means consistent and high quality uploads for the foreseeable future. If we don’t reach this goal in a couple months, things could really "fall apart!" Yikes!
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