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If you're already here you probably know who I am. If you don't: I'm a musician who lives in LA. I wanted to half have something where I could give back more to the people who really like the stuff I do and half make enough money to support myself. The money from the patreon will go to rent and different things I have to pay for in my life and also to pay artists for merch designs, art for releases and also to have more money to do different things about hot leather, paying for tours etc.
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You get to feel good about yourself knowing you support me.

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Sometimes I'll have merch that is super limited and sells out before you even know about it. With this tier you get a link to whatever I'm selling before the general public so you get a chance to order it. I'll also have patreon exclusive orders for stuff that I won't be selling online (tour exclusive shirts/tapes/whatever).

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I'll be posting new songs on the patreon before I send them to streaming services and with this tier you'll be able to hear new songs before anyone else. I'll also be posting demos of new songs, demos of old songs, acoustic versions of songs and also any covers I feel like doing. 

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A monthly raffle where you win Hot Leather/Kornfan420 related stuff. Plus you get to hear finished songs before everyone else, patreon exclusive demos and covers, and first access to shirts, tapes, and whatever else I decide to sell.

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You pay my rent and live with the knowledge of having immense power over my life. Knowing that I am entirely and completely in your hands. You can brag to your friends that without you personally, I would be out in the streets suffering. Also I'll give you my phone number, make of that what you will.

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