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FOR THE PLANET: Sorry, we can’t give you a real coffee maker, but we will offset 2,000 views of Hot Mess, which is equivalent to the electricity from a month of daily drip-brew!

FOR YOU: Access to patron-only feed with updates on production, behind-the-scenes photos, polls, and the ability to give input on video titles & thumbnails.

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FOR THE PLANET: Offset 5,000 views. That saves as much energy as a refrigerator uses in a month. 

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About Hot Mess

Hello! Welcome to the Hot Mess Patreon page, where you can support our show through a monthly pledge.


Every week or two, we make a new YouTube video about how climate change impacts all of us, and about how we can create a better future for our planet and ourselves.


But we need your help! Not only to solve climate change, but also, to make Hot Mess. It takes a ton of time, money, and emissions (see below) to make thoroughly-researched and engaging videos. By directly supporting our work, you can help change the climate of climate, one video at a time.


If you support Hot Mess, we’ll thank you, we’ll talk with you (through the patron-only feed), and we’ll do something that no other YouTube channel does: offset carbon emissions from watching YouTube.

That’s right, watching a single YouTube video uses ~5 AA batteries-worth of energy (to get the video to your computer/phone and to power your device) and this energy generates climate-changing carbon emissions.

Since this is a show about climate change, we thought we’d offer carbon offsets as some of our rewards: a small portion of your pledge will go to offsetting the emissions from watching the show (so you can watch guilt-free), while the main part of your pledge will help us make the best climate change show on YouTube.

The more you pledge, the more videos we can make and emissions we can offset (both from our videos, and from those other YouTube channels out there), so by supporting our show you’re helping combat climate change in multiple ways. Click HERE to see our calculations, and to learn about how our team is offsetting our emissions from making the videos.

We’re glad you’re here! Thanks for supporting Hot Mess!
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1 MILLION VIEWS offset each month! All together, our patrons are offsetting the equivalent of 1000 gallons of gas each month. And making it easier for us to make Hot Mess. Thanks!
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