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My thanks goes to you for supporting me and allowing to keep doing this for a living :D
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Hey guys,
I am Alan but most of you know me as 'Hotted' which is my druid in the game World of Warcraft. I play games at a very high level and try to provide instructional and entertaining content at the same time! Before I did the whole YouTube thing I used to create guides for a couple of private instructional sites, such as ArenaPwnage or SkillCapped. Even though these sites paid exceptional amounts of money for my work, I essentially didn't own any rights to it and the content was only seen by a small amount of people..
That's when an opportunity showed up and I decided to venture myself into the YouTube world.. I was being told by the companies I worked for that I would fail because 'YouTube is a very hard business' or that it's really hard to grow your channel, but I didn't listen! I started making daily videos and creating a lot of guides and entertaining content and people started subscribing!
And here we are , 1 and a half years later and my awesome community has grown so much! But with the current changes that are going on with YouTube, I am fairly certain that my work will be affected in a lot of ways.. As being a YouTube affiliate, I will have to wait up to several days to monetize each of my videos and it will just take a toll on the financial side of things...
That's where you guys come in the picture! As a patron, you will directly support and allow me to dedicate as much time as possible to keep the content and guides flowing for you! You will also get EARLY access to all the guides that will be posted on YouTube, group hangouts with all my patrons, giveaways for you guys and much more!
Thank you so much for considering in being a patron and supporting my work! It means the world to me!
Alan aka Hotted :)
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with this goal, I'll be able to create a website where you can share and post awesome thoughts & ideas about our community!
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