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About Houndstooth Miniature Painting

Hi, I'm Steve of Houndstooth Miniature Painting. 

I'm a full-time commission miniature painter and live streamer. I have been painting miniatures for 6 years and streaming since November 2017. I create ~90 hours of miniature painting streaming content on Twitch, Mixer, Dlive, and YouTube every month for an amazing community of people. As I have now moved to streaming on multiple platforms, I no longer recieve any monetization from Twitch and instead rely on support through this Patreon and Streamlabs donations to keep this going.

At this time, I am focused on teaching and interacting with the miniature painting community through my live streams and growing my miniature painting studio. I am now offering one-on-one video chat coaching and lessons as well as group coaching sessions. I also prepare Tip of the Day posts at least 5 days a week available to Patrons only, which cover a wide range of topics and ideas.

Support I receive through this Patreon helps me to keep the studio operational and to continue to provide ever-improving live stream content.

Thank you very much for checking out my Patreon page and for all of your support!
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Support Lurker
per month

Thank you for supporting my studio! This tier is for general stream and studio support. You also gain access to the patron-only feed, including Tip of the Day posts, the patron-only Discord channel,  and I will be reaching out to my patrons to help make decisions about my streaming content through polls. This tier will receive digital rewards only or physical rewards that can be sent with a postage stamp.

Includes Discord rewards
Houndsteam Investigator
per month

Thank you for supporting my studio! This tier supports the stream and studio. This is the lowest tier elgibile for any phyical rewards.. You will also gain access to  the patron-only Discord channel and can participate in polls.

Includes Discord rewards
Pickman's Model
Limited (5 remaining)
per month

At this tier, I will purchase and paint a small model for you for each month of support. It's a Houndstooth Miniature Painting subscription service! I choose the models, colors etc. (If you'd prefer full control, contact me for a commission instead). You get all the same benefits of a HoundsTeam Investigator (patron-only posts and Discord, entry into contests), plus VIP status on my Twitch channel. I will cover shipping costs in the US, but will need to collect additional funds for international shipping.

Includes Discord rewards
30 – reached! patrons
When we reach 30 Patrons, I will hold an 18-hr marathon stream and giveaway a Polished level painted model to a patron. During the marathon, we'll bring back audience control speed painting, where viewers can tie my hands behind my back - literally!
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